Google promoting more Ads on Smartphones: Gallery Ads being the showstopper

It seems like we are going to see more ads on our smartphones than we used to. Google is planning to promote more ads on its Mobile app home feed for improving its marketing. There are going to be various kinds of ads that one would get to see. It is said that there would be ads in the Google discover feed where the news appears. Other than that, gallery ads are also in the bag. More ad formats are going to be released soon.

Advertising is one of the prominent business of Google has been updated from time to time. The new gallery Ad would show the user multiple images of a product and can swipe through it. There has been news that Google would soon be releasing these ads in the google apps first. These ad formats are being designed so as to attract more customers and that the products would be noticed. If the new ad formats do well, then the interaction rate would no doubt increase at a reasonable percentage.

It is also being said that Google is inventing a new Google shopping experience to make online shopping a lot better for users. Through the Google shopping service, one can compare the products in various online sites, can read the reviews and see the difference in the price; so as to decide from where the product should be bought. This would not only benefit the customers but would even be useful for the retailers as they would be able to advertise their products on an international platform.

While some of the Google ads would be intrusive in nature and cannot be skipped while browsing, others won’t create a hindrance for the users. The advertising companies are going to be profited by this decision of Google as they would be able to advertise their products on a high level which would increase their sales rate and would also benefit the Google Company.

With leading technology, Google has seen major success in the past few years. It has not only helped people worldwide by providing all the facilities but has even helped in removing employment crisis in an indirect manner. Through this new decision of displaying more ads in Google apps, much small business would get recognition and would be able to sell their products worldwide.

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