Google to Reduce Strain on Broadband Networks by Reducing Nest Camera Quality

Nest Security Camera by Google is one of the most popularly used security cameras both in the corporate world as well as for personal use. Therefore, the Google company has decided on adjusting the quality of the video to low, captured by your camera. It has been so as to reduce the strain caused by the camera video quality requirement on the broadband services. 

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people have started working from home and using more and more internet each day. The number of devices connected to the internet at a time has increased rapidly. 

Google stated that “To answer the global call to prioritize internet bandwidth for learning and working, in the next few days we’re going to be making a few changes”. Google further stated, “We believe these changes have the potential to help make it easier for communities to keep up with school, work, and everything in between.” 


The users of Next Security Camera on Twitter were the first to report that they have received emails from Google regarding the new change that will be implemented soon and effective immediately. 

The company, while talking to The Verge said that citizens belonging to the US, with their Next Camera for security, would have the settings changed to default and reduced camera quality. In case your camera is recording on high quality, the changes will be made by the company automatically from their end. On the off chance, that the camera settings on your Nest Security are already set on default, then no changes will be made to it. Apart from this, the company mentioned that no other changes are being done.

For people who might find it restricting and may depend on their security cameras extensively to keep a track of what’s happening around their home and office place, Google has something for them too. The company says that if a person wished to revert back their default settings to high-quality video recording, the user could do that as and when they feel like. The company says that they understand the need of people who live in a compromised area and depend upon their security system to provide them with the protection they require. For such people, monitoring their surrounding in a low quality may not be useful.

Another important statement released by Google said that in case users do not switch back to their original settings after the company has reduced it to default. The company will be liable to do it automatically when the traffic on the broadband services are back to normal and restored. 

The Google Company has also made another change to the Nest Security Camera which is in the Nest Displays such as the Ambient Mode Slideshow, the Chrome cast and Cast devices. The company will be seen reducing the rate of rotation interval along with the resolution quality of the pictures. This change will not only be done for the users of the US but also customers throughout the world.

This is not the first time that Google has done something like this to ease the traffic caused by internet services. The company on the 24th of March, 2020 also reduced the default quality of YouTube video to 480p. Other companies like Netflix, Amazon and Apple have also followed the same move made by Google. The companies have reduced the video quality to some low standard quality. These changes were made in Europe, and the companies are still deciding if they should implement it in the US as well.

PlayStation network like Sony also reduced their download speed to ease the traffic flow. This step has surely helped people all over the world, as it has maintained a balance and enabled people to enjoy broadband services, despite having so many devices connected to the network at once. What other solutions the Google Company may have under its hood, is still unknown. But the company surely is coming up with brilliant ideas to help the citizens fight the pandemic.

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