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Google to Start Mandating Two-Factor Authentication in Nest Users

Google to Start Mandating Two-Factor Authentication in Nest Users

At the start of the year 2020, Google had revealed a major decision where they suggested the idea of requiring extra security for all its Nest Users. The process was due to start in Spring, and everyone has been waiting whether Google will implement it or not. The company has truly stood by what it said, and the Google Company will soon start enforcing two-factor authentication for its Nest Users.

For the customers who have yet not migrated to the Google account yet, or have not enabled phone-based two-factor authentication, this will mean that the user will have to go through the process of identifying himself through email-based authentication, each time they wish to log in. The tech giant Company Google announced that these changes would be implemented from the start of May 2020.

After Google applies these changes, every Nest User trying to log in to his account will be sent an email from accounts@nest.com that will consist of a six digit code. The user will be required to provide the login authentication panel with this 6 digit code, and only then will he be allowed to access his account.

For users that may find it difficult to do it every time or go through the long hassle of entering codes and then being allowed to log in, they can choose a different approach to end it. All that the user needs to do is migrate his account to Google, or choose to enable two-factor authentication from his phone number. This step will make sure that you can successfully avoid email verification every time you log in.

The Google Company, in its announcement, also mentioned that the changes wouldn’t be made abruptly. The company will notify all its Nest Users before making the changes in the security. An official email will be sent with all the details in it. On the other hand, Google is advising its Nest Users to currently make sure that they still have access to the email that they have used to create an account for Nest.

Google is known for taking their security measures very seriously and have always made sure that the data shared on its platform by its users are safe and protected. They were the first tech giant to have come up with the two-factor authentication method, which has guaranteed the security of many of its users. In two-factor authentication, you first need to verify your phone number with which you want to connect your account. An OTP will be sent, and you can use it to verify your phone.

Next, whenever you wish to log in to your account, the two-factor authentication will be kicked in. Along with the password that you have provided, the login panel will also send a passcode to your verified phone number. Enter the number that you have received and access your account. The step may seem long, but the company has enabled it for the security well-being of its users.

The number of reported cases of the password being miss-utilized and unauthorized access to Google account has also decreased to a large extent. With Google enabling such high security for its users, another social media giant Facebook followed suit and has also started providing extra security to its users.

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