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Google goes for immoral ways to improve the face recognition of Pixel 4

Google using homeless people to improve pixel 4 face recognition image

Google had announced that it was gifting people vouchers in return for their facial features for improving the face recognition feature of Pixel 4. But recently, The New York Daily News had some other news for the users. According to information, Google had used some unexpected methods in order to gain the facial features for their devices. Apparently, Google had hired the staffing company Randstad for the work, by sending teams to Atlanta and record the face of homeless people for the Pixel 4.

The staff members had stated that the teams were instructed that they should go for the homeless people, college students and certain people on the road, as they would not be saying much to the media. Many of the members were even said to use statements like “just play with the phone for a while”, “selfie game” and “Here’s a new app, try it and you would get a voucher of $5” and many more similar statements. 

But according to a member of Google, the company had not stated anything regarding the recording of the facial features of homeless people. Though the member states that Google had told about going for the darker-skinned people as it would help the device in recognizing the faces of every skin tones and features. 

The staff members used the device by hiding the fact that the person was being recorded. The step taken by Google was immoral and unethical and it even hampers the privacy and security of the people. Google has been facing a lot of issues lately, and this news is surely going to question the privacy policies stated by Google.

There has already been a lot of leaks of Pixel 4 but this was surely not expected of the company. Apart from that, Google is already facing an anti-trust investigation regarding the privacy policies of the company back from 2014. The tech giant has been told to submit around 248 explanations and documents stating the usage of the information and data that it has collected from the users and how it has used the data.

Not only that, there are even news regarding that the Google Assistant is using the voice recordings for the human reviewers to listen and use it to train the digital assistant for the betterment. When the news was leaked, the users raised voices and even questioned the company for the explanation. 

This recent news regarding the unethical methods used for recording the facial features would lead to another controversy and might even affect the sale of Pixel 4 which is yet to come. There would have been other methods for making the device smarter in the field of recognizing different facial colors, this method might upset the people as nobody likes to get recorded unknowingly and then seeing the usage of that video, without their knowledge. For now, this news is going to lead Google on a series of giving explanations and answers so as to justify themselves.

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