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Google’s G Suite New Look and New Name

Google’s G Suite New Look and New Name

Google is revamping its G Suite logos and name for a new look. This design will change the look of the Gmail logo. The whole google G suite will look more like google with all this rebranding. G suite is relabeled as the Google Workplace. The new logo’s design is more similar to the google logo with the same color combination for all logos. The new logo for Gmail is not an envelope anymore. The Gmail logo is the letter M’ in the color of the Google logo.  

Google includes all the productive paid tools that are used by over 6 billion businesses. G Suite has been in the trade since 2016 to improve the handling of the data within the firm. Since then, it has served its purpose with excellent tools added to it, making the data flow easily through the employees and multiple access on the single information for ease of operation.

General Manager and Vice President of Google workspace Javier Soltero said, “This is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it. From here on out, teams need to thrive without meeting in person, protect their time to focus on the most impactful work, and build human connection in new ways. Google Workspace gives people a familiar, fully integrated user experience that helps everyone succeed in this new reality – whether you’re in an office, working from home, on the frontlines, or engaging with customers.”

Google added some new features to the Workplace, along with changing its name and logo. Gmail being the central hub docs, meet, chat rooms are integrated into it. Now one can easily merge a document or ppt to the google meet and access the data within the video call. 

We can collaborate with the guests in the chat room by mentioning t6he name of the person on the document. It will pop up the contact details and suggest the actions. 

As per the present information, the pricing may remain the same as the G Suite pricing. $6/month as a business starter plan, $12/user/month as a business standard plan with extra storage space and support for large meetings, and $18/user/month for the Business plus plan with additional security and special tools and mobile device management capability. 

May it is really the end of the office as it almost looks like the Microsoft office outlook with outlook mail. Not only Microsoft now, but it will also out head Zoom and Facebook with its advanced features in video calling facilities.

Image source: Techcrunch

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