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Google’s Nest Secure Alarm System Would no Longer be Available

Google’s Nest Secure alarm system would no longer be available

It looks like there is no end to the number of things that Google is putting an end to. Barely a couple of days back, we heard that it had put a full stop to its Trusted Contacts app. And now, the next we hear is that Google would no longer be bringing in its Nest Secure alarm system that was introduced sometime during 2017. The news was confirmed by none other than Google after speculations arose when the Google store product page for Nest Guard displayed a message saying the desired product is “No longer available.”

The Nest Secure alarm system came with a completely secure base along with a keypad. Apart from these, the system also consisted of the Detect motion sensor that could sense all kinds of door movements. It also had a Tag key fob along with various other security creations. However, ironically, most of the Nest-based products were updated from time to time, except this one. 

The base of this Nest Guard system was equipped with motion-sensing characteristics. It also consisted of an NFC reader. The security system deactivation was done simply by tapping over the Tag key fob on the NFC reader. The Nest Guard can establish communications with any Detect motion sensor that lies within any area of the house, connected with the aid of WiFi. 

Google sold the entire system in the form of a Starter package that came along with a Nest Guard accompanied by two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags, all for $499. Every extra Detect cost $59, whereas extra Tags came for $25 per unit. 

Although Google intends to stop manufacturing and trading the Nest Secure, it has communicated that it will continue to service those customers who already own this product. However, presently, it is a little dicey to say how long these other devices will be regularly updated. 

There are a few other products that Google has lined up under the Nest brand. One of these is the cameras, while the other one is the smart doorbells. 

A few months back, Google went on to update its Home app to display all of the Nest Cam events in the Feed section of the Home app. All of the video clips and audio clips can be seen in the Feed tab. 

The doorbell under the Nest brand is called “Nest Hello.” This doorbell, introduced by Nest, is a video doorbell system. This doorbell also works as a security camera. The security device comes with facial recognition, non-stop video recording, and HDR video. However, to own this device, users need to subscribe to the same for $229. 

The device is made so that the guest’s entire picture is visible to the homeowner before he opens the door. The Nest Hello is indeed a useful device. However, it is more worthy in case there are other Nest products at home. 

Image source: Engadget

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