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Google’s Trusted Contacts app No More

Google’s Trusted Contacts app no more.

Sometime during 2016, Google had introduced the Trusted Contacts app. Google’s idea behind introducing an app of this sort was to help people share their status with their loved ones. This app was accessible on iOS as well as Android. With this app’s aid, one could share their locations and whereabouts with those who were marked as “trusted contacts” in their address book. 

According to the latest information, Google has put a full stop to its Trusted Contacts app. The app is nowhere to be found on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The Trusted Contacts website, too, has displayed a message saying that the application would no longer exist after December 1st. Sometime during August, Google Latitude, too, bade goodbye to everyone as Google decided to do away with it. Google Latitude was also based on similar lines as that of the Trusted Contacts app.

Existing users would be able to use the app no longer than December 1st. Users who require a copy of all of their trusted contacts have time to download the same from the website till December 1st. 

The Trusted Contacts app has proved to be quite beneficial, especially to those users who wanted to keep a check on their close friends and relatives to make sure they are safe. According to Google, the location sharing feature is now imbibed within the Google Maps application. The tech giant appeals to all the users to check out the feature within Google Maps. However, the use cases of the feature within the Trusted app application do not match the use cases of the location-sharing feature within the Google Maps application. 

The sole purpose of Trusted Contacts was to simply share the contact’s precise location without any sort of social exposure. The app had all the information right from all the activities concerning the trusted people. It also portrayed the battery position of the device.

The Trusted Contacts app permitted the user to share his/her location with loved ones if they felt unsafe at any point in time or during an emergency sort of situation. Others can request the user to share his location with them during an emergency-like situation. An important fact regarding this app was the opt-out model that it was based on. In case the user, for some reason, was unable to share his location with his near and dear ones even on being requested, the location would still be shared. 

Over time, features like deciding the timeout period and permanent location sharing also arrived on the Trusted Contacts app. For a long time now, there were no updates on the Trusted Contacts app. 

With Google shutting down another of its apps, it looks like the tech giant can throw surprises of this sort randomly. Users who are still interested in checking out what the Trusted Contacts app was all about can still do so by downloading the app’s latest version from APK Mirror. However, even this option would be possible only until December 1st.

Image source: Engadget

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