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Google’s Voice Search UI Replaced in the Latest Beta Version

Google’s voice search UI replaced in the latest beta version

Google’s well-known voice search that existed even before Google Assistant came into play was quite famous. The “Ok Google” hotword was sufficient to set it going. Although the voice search functionality has been there for some time now, the UI has been consistent on the Google app on Android phones. However, according to the latest update information now, the voice search UI that was existent for a long time now has been replaced in the latest beta version of the Google app. 

By now, almost everyone around the world must be acquainted with the Google Search feature. The UI has remained the same for years. One needs to simply press on the microphone icon that is present within the Google app’s search field. It is also available on the home screen widget. Doing so brings a fullscreen interface along with four pulsating dots at the top. One needs to speak or say something so that it can provide appropriate search results.

Normal searches cause web searches to appear on the web page. On the other hand, certain voice commands like “set the alarm” or “turn on the flashlight” would cause the action to occur directly within the Google app. Although Google Assistant is widely used these days, that did not change anything as far as the voice search UI was concerned, and the same thing existed for a very long time. 

Google app’s latest beta version v11.3 came earlier this week. In this latest version, the earlier voice search UI is no longer present. Now, when the microphone is tapped upon, the default voice input interface gets launched on all the Android screens. 

In accordance with the theme set on every device, the panel consists of a Google logo, vibrating icon, “Listening…” prompt, and also checks the default language that has been set on the device. And every time this functionality is used, a toast message appears saying that the audio has been sent to Google for processing. 

Although the well-known voice search UI no longer exists now, the basic Google app functionality persists. Sometime in July last year, Google had started replacing ‘Voice search’ for Android devices, during which Google Assistant took over the same. However, although Assistant took over, the basic functionality remained the same. One of the main changes then was that the g-shaped Assistant icon took over the voice search icon. At the same time, instead of the “Say Hey Google” prompt, one could see the “Ask your Assistant” prompt. 

Then, if one would access Google Assistant, they were still viewing the old voice search UI only. The only difference then was that Google Assistant was performing the function. However, in this latest version, the voice search UI is not present at all. 

Although these changes (of Assistant replacing voice search) were carried out last year itself, it still needs to be widely available at the moment. The transition from voice search to Assistant was expected, considering that the functionality remains the same, and Assistant could become more advanced. 

The above changes would be available on the beta version of the Google app released on Monday. The version, known as v11.3, is yet to be rolled to the stable channel.
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