Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed against the bill and kept electric bike and scooters illegal in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has vetoed against the bill, which legalized the use of Electric bike and scooter in the streets of New York. And now it seems that the electric vehicle preferred by the delivery guys in New York won’t be allowed in the streets to ease their work! Cuomo has reasoned that it was due to the lack of many safety measures such as helmets.

According to him, “Helmets are a common-sense requirement that should be imposed on operators of these vehicles to protect public safety.” And that he would like “to continuing this discussion in the 2020 legislative session”. Although a lot of discontentment from the supporting legislatures’ also displayed on this very veto of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The rejection of this bill would mean continued hardships for the delivery people of the state.

The bill for the legalization of the electric bike and scooter was passed in the June 2019 with massive support and by 56-6 margin in the state Senate and 137-4 margin in the state assembly. This bill would also have supported rental and sharing services of these vehicles not only in states but in nearby towns and cities too. Rental companies such as Bird and Lime won’t have been permitted to operate their service anywhere near Manhattan.

But it seems it won’t be possible at all and that’s set in stone after this bill was vetoed against! And it seems that earlier when this bill was introduced, Governor Andrew Cuomo was very supportive of the bill too. But ever since he was criticized by one of the co-sponsor for the streamlining of the bill turned against it, and so, who knows, but there might be just a tint of personal grudge mixed with the veto against the bill, although it’s just a hunch!

Whatever may the case be, but the worst of this bill would be upon the poor food delivery guys in New York City. If this bill would have successfully passed, then the food delivery would have been able to ease as most of the E-bikes that they use for delivering stuff and else were most probably illegal. And so they will now be continued to $500 fines from their pocket for using such vehicle, confiscation and NYPD unfairly targeted enforcement sweeps which seems just like any other reality version of ‘Tom and Jerry Show’ remake!

It seems that Governor Andrew Cuomo has received a load of criticism for his veto against the bill! According to Danny Harris, the executive director of an advocacy organization, Transportation Alternatives, said that “Governor Cuomo, a supposed champion for immigrants and the working poor, has failed to protect 40,000 low-wage, mostly immigrant workers in New York.” He further added that Governor Cuomo has, “blocked a critical path forward for new transportation alternatives that address congestion, reduce emissions and improve access to opportunity for all New Yorkers.”

Nily Rozic, bill’s co-sponsors and New York State Assemblywoman from Queens said called the rejection of the bill as a, “missed opportunity” to “deliver economic justice for thousands of delivery workers across New York City, and bring safe, viable options to transit deserts across the state.”

Even Phil Jones, Lime’s senior government relations director said in a statement, “While it’s disappointing that this important bill will not become law this year, we’re hopeful that the administration will work swiftly with legislative leaders to improve mobility for all New Yorkers early in the New Year”. He also added that “Governor Cuomo has been a strong advocate for innovative and sustainable mobility options, and in the upcoming session, he should make New York a national leader for alternative transportation.”


Well, it was expected, though! A lot of Companies were very enthusiastic regarding this bill. This bill would have allowed them to earn quite a handsome profit. And they even spent quite heavily to persuade the lawmakers of the city and the state to equip the city with electric bikes and scooters. After Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed against the bill, it practically shattered everything they build-up to ensure the smooth streamlining of the bill. Lime even said that it was all ears for all the Governor’s concern over the bill; Quite a bold move on the Company part. 

And it seems that even Bird was disappointed over Governor Andrew’s decision for they said in a statement through an email that, “Cities around the world are embracing e-scooters as an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive way to get around, especially in transit deserts. New Yorkers are ready. We are encouraged with the overwhelming support we received from the legislature and the environmental community. We look forward to bringing micro-mobility choices to New Yorkers next year”.

Among the midst of all the critics of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s veto against the bill, it seems that there are some of those who rather appreciated his move. Although it was not so a surprise for the one who praised his move was none other than William J. Bratton, a former New York City police commissioner who wrote on Twitter, “Kudos to @NYGovCuomo for keeping this off the streets of New York”.

And so I suppose this was the reason for not being it to be a much of a surprise for as I mentioned that the one who will suffer most from this bill would be the food delivery guys. For their electric bikes or scooters are usually illegal, and the worst part of it all is that they will continue to be unfairly targeted enforcement sweeps of the New York Police Department. And they do so too intentionally!

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