H30 Plus, the New Robot Vacuum, and Mop, Launched by XCLEA on Times Square Billboard

XCLEA has launched new hands-free dust collecting robot vacuum and mop through an appearance on one of the billboards on Times square. The new appliance’s name is H30 plus and is one of the best launched into the market by XCLEA, HUAWEI HONOR Ecological chain brand.

In the new H30 Plus, convenience and intelligence can be seen as two key factors that the design revolves around. The dust collection system has been enhanced with the presence of features like automatic deodorization and eliminating bacteria. The charging base has been designed to be self-emptying and more convenient.

A 3l oversized bag has been attached to the base so the dust bin can be emptied into it. For the bag to fill up, the vacuum can easily empty the dustbin 30 times or equivalently cover 2000 sq. m. area while cleaning.

The robot vacuum design is such that the buyer doesn’t have to do much himself/herself. The hand-free experience that has been inducted into the design is what highlights very well here. A 250 ml smart controlled water tank and a convenient dust bag are present for mop use. The three levels of water flow control make cleaning easy and allow you to cover 250 sq. m. in a go.

The very exquisite fact about the H30 Plus mopping system is that it imitates the human mopping technique very well, which allows for better cleaning. It is possible because of the presence of LDS 4.0 LIDAR Navigation and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology in the newly launched robot vacuum and mop.

One can easily say that the H30 Plus comes forward as a good combination of vacuuming and mopping systems that we desperately need around our households. In addition to that, the AI algorithm that has been incorporated allows for smart cleaning, as the vacuum itself will divide the entire home map into different rooms. Spot cleaning becomes easier, as the vacuum is also aware of different levels of flooring.

A lot of people worry about the robot vacuum going off route, but with H30 Plus, you have detection sensors, accelerometers, speedometers, and an electronic compass. All these tools guided the robot vacuum while it memorized the entire route. The same route is followed by the cleaner from there, avoiding any obstacles on the way.

Once you have the H30 Plus in your home, you will be good to go for cleaning the entire house without having to worry even a bit. The 2500 5200 mAh battery it has, allows for a run time of 250 minutes, which is one of the best among many other vacuum cleaners available in the market. You can expect the cleaning to be done very well, too, as the ultra-strong 2700Pa adjustable suction power works its magic.

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