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Haier India Launches its First Single Door ‘Steel Finish’ Inverter Refrigerators

Haier India launches a new range of Single Door Inverter Fridges

Haier India has been a leader and a pioneer when it comes to home appliances in the Indian subcontinent. The appliances are an instant hit which strikes to the needs and wishes of a regular Indian and her lifestyle. The company has again proved itself in terms of management of space with the new line of fridges. In keeping with its innovative and impressive approach, the company has launched a range of fridges.

The latest range includes awesome variants like the HRD-242-E, HRD-2623-E options. These refrigerators come with a total capacity of 242 and 262 Litres respectively. Since the brand has been very conscious about space management, it provides its customers with an extra capacity of 40-litre fridge section compared to any other contemporary refrigerator coming in the same range of volume. Within the range of 110 V to 300 V, the need for stabilizer shall be eliminated. Thus, you do not need to install any extra device.

The fridge is one with the Top Mount frost free features. The new range of refrigerators by Haier will be decorated with beautiful Red Peony and Marine Peony floral patterns. This line of fridges is seen to be very homely and match the vibrancy of the home interiors very naturally. The fridge has been designed in ‘Inox Steel’ and comes with a line finish of Black Brush.

The latest range by Haier is also sure to have tough and durable glass shelves to increase life. There will be bright LED lighting too. The line of fridges has been empowered with an Inverter Compressor, and this helps to save a lot more energy. There will also be an already installed vent for stable and free airflow inside the freezer. This is a total “Yes, Why Not?” for some enhanced cooling.

There is no doubt the brand has tried to inculcate a hint of modernity blended well with the atmosphere of a home. As the designs go so well with our interiors, they surely complement the interiors of the kitchens. “The newly launched Inverter Range of Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators is a testimony to our promise of delivering innovative products that play a vital role in upgrading the lifestyles of our customers,” said the President of Haier Appliances India, Mr Eric Braganza.

Haier has inducted into its fridges its flagship Diamond Edge Freezing Technology which is also known as DEFT, on top of which there is the Chrome finished crowner design that is empowered with a sleek Handlebar to provide a firm grip.

The President of Haier Appliances India also added, “With our new range, we are addressing the challenge of the limited space that most Indian households face with conventional refrigerators.”


As per the latest BEE norms of the year 2020, the new range of fridges has been awarded a 3-star rating. This range of refrigerators will also be boasting of its surprising capacity to provide nicer cooling retention. This is made possible due to the DEFT technology, i.e. Diamond Edge Freezing Technology. The retained cooling does not come with the cost of more power usage as the range has been ensured to be competing for increased energy efficiency with other brands of its type.

Diamond shape has been incorporated in the inner edges of the refrigerator. This feature, in itself, is a unique one. In the aftermath of a power blackout, the process of melting of ice shall be slowed down further, and this will benefit the longevity of the cooling. The Haier India president underlined, “With this new line-up of the refrigerators, we aim to ensure ease and meet the needs of Indian consumers while complementing their changing tastes and preferences.”

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