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Haier’s Latest Application can Help in Smart Wine Storage

Haier’s latest application can help in smart wine storage.

Haier is all set to release its latest appliance-wine cellars. Quite like other Haier, Candy, and other Hoover appliances, these wine coolers or cooling cabinets would be linked to Haier’s latest hOn app.

The smart feature involves wine recognition and knowledge. It has also been designed, keeping in mind the wine enjoyment factor. Haier has entered into a partnership with Vivino, an online wine specialist, and a retailer, owing to which the wines can be identified and categorized after scanning the label on the wine bottle. 

The wine cellars would be released in two variations: the mono and the double zone type of model. Out of this, the double zone model would be much like its name-it consists of two different sections within which a separate temperature control can be established. When connected to the app, the temperatures within both the areas of the double zone model can be monitored and adjusted externally with the app’s help. 

The app can also provide suggestions for wine storage, depending on the kind of drink within the cabinet. Many pre-set programs are also available within the app. 

The wine cellars are equipped with features like LED lights, external light protection, and a glass door that prevents UV light’s entry into the cabinet. The wine bottles are placed on slatted wooden shelves that are arranged within the cellar. The internal humidity can be controlled by checking the airflow within the cellar. The user can do it. 

The exact specifications of the wine cellar, its cost, and when it would be arriving are some of the things that are yet to be known. Most probably, these details would be out towards the end of this year. 

Presently, there are many good wines available, and that too at an affordable cost. With an appliance of this sort coming up, wine lovers would only be more excited about stocking their favorite ones. Apart from providing an exclusive area for wine storage, the app also improves the knowledge and know-how regarding different varieties of wines. 

As of now, Haier does have wine coolers that are very much similar in design to the upcoming new model. They also include similar characteristics, such as UV protection, LED lights, and vibration protection. The temperature within these coolers is anywhere within the range of 6-18°C. However, as these appliances are not linked to any app, they are not considered smart appliances, so people may not prefer getting them.

These appliances were launched quite some time back. Currently, they are available to be purchased online. Again, there are two different models available. One of these is a dual-zone wine cooler, with the model number of WS53GDA. This one is full-sized, having the capacity to house 53 wine bottles. The dimensions of this cooler measure 127 x 50 x 54cm. Interested people can look out for the same on Appliances Direct. Its price is 527.98 pounds.

The other variant in this appliance is a smaller sized one with the model number WS30GA. This one can store 30 wine bottles within itself. The smaller one measures 80 x 50 x 54cm. This one can also be purchased from Appliances Direct for 358.97 pounds. 

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