Harbour Breezer Withdraws 2,80,000 Kingsbury Ceiling Fans, It Could Fall and Hit People

Harbor Breeze has stopped and withdrawn the sales of about 2,80,000 Kingsbury Ceiling Fans manufactured before December 2018 after certain incidents have been reported, which stated that the glass globe is not very firm and steady. It has fallen on people and hurt them badly. The entire thing could prove extremely disastrous in certain cases where it could cut someone right under the fan.

Each of these fans measures about 70 inches in size. The fans are equipped with five-blades in all, and the entire appliance has a bronze-like polish. The fan also consists of a frosted glass light or globe. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission states that, in all, about 76 incidents of falling of these fans have been reported to Harbor Breeze. Out of these, there are four cases in which people have been hurt badly owing to the cut injuries they received when the glass fell on them. 

All of the ceiling fans have been manufactured before December 2018, as stated in the report. Currently, Consumer Reports does not carry out any testing related to ceiling fans. Fans of this make are not even present in the labs of Consumer Reports. 

A summary of the Kingsbury Ceiling fans withdrawal is as follows:

  1. The reason for product withdrawal: The glass globe housed within the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, manufactured before December 2018, is reportedly unstable, which has resulted in its falling over and hurting people. The fan’s motor contains a label on it, which displays the manufacturing date of the appliance. So far, about 76 such instances of glass fall have come forward and have been reported.
  2. Hazards of the fall: People have been injured badly due to the glass globe falling over them, with about four reports where people have been hurt badly due to cut injuries caused by the fall. 
  3. Stores from where these fans have been bought: People have purchased these fans from Lowe’s home improvement stores and their website, Lowes.com. Lowe’s has been selling these fans right from April 2010 until December 2018 at $230. 
  4. What to do next: Since the fans have been pulled back due to the hazards it is known to cause, it is best to stop using these fans immediately if anyone is using them at present. The company also recommends removing the glass globe from the fan assembly. HKC would be available to help customers by providing them with the latest copy of the appliance manual that would contain all the details and safety measures one would need to follow. The company would also be providing an installation kit containing the correct installation procedure of the glass globe. It would be very handy in fixing the globe correctly again. 

Users who have any queries or doubts about the usage of these fans may contact HKC at 877-239-7267. They can even send an email to the company’s official email ID. People who wish to report any issues with the product may do so by calling the CPSC hotline at 800-638-2772. They can even report the same at SaferProducts.gov.

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