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HBO Would No Longer Belong to Amazon Channels from Next Year

Next year onwards, HBO would no longer belong to Amazon Channels

WarnerMedia of AT&T fame has got a reason to rejoice now. All this while, HBO was being telecasted as an Amazon Channel. However, it looks like this would not be the case after the present deal between WarnerMedia and Amazon would be concluding next year. This decision resulted from the negotiation between the two entertainment media firms after it was decided that HBO Max would arrive on the Amazon Fire TV. 

With HBO being a part of the Amazon Channels list, users have regularly caught a glimpse of HBO programs since all they have to do is to subscribe to the Amazon Fire TV. However, this was done to bring HBO Max into the Amazon Channel stream, state a few familiar sources with the entire matter, and have requested anonymity. No further details of the agreement are known or revealed on account of its sensitivity and confidentiality.

For those who are unaware, HBO Max is a discrete streaming service associated with WarnerMedia. Very recently, it was reported that HBO Max has now arrived on Amazon Fire TV after the agreement was finalized during this week’s initial phase. 

HBO Max also comes with extra entertainment. For instance, the complete series of “The Big Bang Theory” and “South Park” is available on HBO Max, but not on HBO. Going further, WarnerMedia intends to have only HBO Max as the main entertainment source to showcase all HBO content. 

Many consumers may not understand a separate user interface for HBO Max and HBO; however, WarnerMedia feels all of this would work in its favor. WarnerMedia can establish direct communication with all of its customers by making users subscribe to the HBO Max application. That would also enable WarnerMedia to receive direct feedback from its subscribers and thereby introduce improvements, if at all any.

Customers who have subscribed to the HBO channel via Amazon Fire TV can also get free access to HBO Max via its exclusive app. HBO is slated to be a part of the Amazon channel till the agreement concludes next year. To sum it up, HBO and HBO Max have separate agreements with Amazon and are not mixed.

However, there is a chance that the number of subscribers may go down if both HBO and HBO Max are pulled out of Amazon Fire TV. After completing its deal with Amazon, WarnerMedia is looking out to get into a deal with Roku to bring HBO Max on its streaming channel. Roku is again the biggest platform for streaming entertainment channels, going by its share within the market. It looks like both WarnerMedia and Roku would have to come together and finalize a deal. Sometime during September, Peacock, a streaming channel belonging to NBCUniversal, signed an agreement with Roku. 

Even a few reports claimed Roku’s stocks soared pretty high after rumors of HBO Max arriving on its channel surfaced online. So far, nobody from either WarnerMedia or Amazon has come forward to state anything concerning all of this.

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