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Here is the reason why the Google Pixel 6 fingerprint is dawdling?

Here is the reason why the Google Pixel 6 fingerprint is dawdling?

We are all well aware of the rave around the latest google pixel 6 models in the market. Despite its popularity, if you ever ask a Pixel 6 owner, they will surely answer about its fingerprint sensor as the major drawback of the phone. Being one of the flagship phones worldwide and coming with such drawbacks is a big minus point for this model. But whereas some users are stating that based on other high-end features and processors, the Pixel 6 is a nice catch at that price point.

Recently Google responded to one of its user complaints on Twitter, stating the fact why the fingerprint sensor is so sluggish. It raised a conversation among people on Twitter about the fingerprint sensor and its drawbacks. Whereas the user complained that “I do love my new pixel 6, but the fingerprint sensor is ruining my experience. More often than not, I touch the sensor 6 or 7 times before it makes me enter my pin. I’m holding out for a software fix, but it’s something that would make me get rid of it if it persists”. To that, Google replied, “We’re sorry for the hassle. The Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor utilizes enhanced security algorithms. In some instances, these added protections can take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor. Try troubleshooting steps: https://goo.gle/36GYhYB. Thanks.”

Google said that their fingerprint sensor is processing multiple algorithms for security checks. They also stated some troubleshooting steps to follow to reset the fingerprint sensors. But as per the new tweets and replies, the troubleshooting method is not showing any difference in the sensor working. Some are suggesting that the problem is because of the scanner model that Google opted for. They picked up the slow sensing optic scanner rather than the ultrasonic one like Samsung. Whereas Oneplus also used the same optic scanning technology, but their fingerprint sensors are lightning-fast. So many users are indicating that the fault is from the Google hardware itself.

It is clearly uncertain that Google is going to rectify this sensor problem through any update. Many users specified that it may be a hardware problem and cannot be rectified by any software updates. At first, many users thought the problem was the tempered glass, as they are new to the under-display fingerprint scanner rather than the traditional ones at the back of the phones. 

As a closure, people find it hard to cope with entering a pin every time they want to unlock the phone. It would be better if they included a face lock but lacked it, and users are facing issues with its lock feature. Whereas they are getting all the advanced Google Pixel fixtures at an affordable price, some say that the fingerprint sensor feature may be neglected.

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