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Sewing Machines worth $40,000 robbed in South County

sewing machine robbed

The Heyde Sewing Machine Company, 5451 S. Lindbergh Blvd. in South County was being robbed of its two top-in-line sewing machine costing $20,000 each. There were supposedly two suspects caught in the CCTV footage who took the machines. 

The police said that the incident happened around 4 in the morning. Both of the suspects first tried to break one of the front windows but they could not since that window was tempered so they broke into the building through the side window which faced the Concord Village Avenue. 

Karen Warren, who is the owner of the Heyde Sewing Machine Company said that she was being informed by the police around 8:45 in the morning. Police got to know about the burglary when they were notified by a driver who was passing by the store and noticed that one of the store’s window is broken.

Karen Warren said that “These are top-of-the-line machines. The thieves must have known what they were going for because anybody that is not a sewer would not have known that’s a top-line machine and are that expensive.”

The machine weighed 100 pounds each. The suspects used a crowbar for breaking the window glasses and they jumped in. While their way out, they fumbled and fell and dropped the machine while jumping.

Warren also added that she thinks that the suspects would not be able to sell the machines back in some other place for a good worth as they were seen dropping it multiple times in the security footage. The suspects also left behind (or forgot who knows) the accessories needed for the sewing machines which are quite essential for the machine and without which the machine would not work. 

Police are watching security footage of the past one week to find out if they see anyone who is suspicious. Since the suspects knew exactly where the machines were even in the dark, they must have visited the store beforehand. 

The machines that are stolen were actually floor models which were used for demonstrations to customers and now are replaced by machines from Warren’s inventory that she kept for the purpose of selling. 

It is also pretty hard for the suspects to get away with these theft sewing machines because each of it has its own serial number and coding within the machine. Now seeing the number of timer the machines were dropped, there are unlikely to work without being repaired. And the network of dealers who repair these types of machines will know if this is stolen or not. 

“With the past year of losing my husband and doing the store on my own, it’s been really hard. I’m too young to retire, so might as well do what I do love,” Warren said. Her husband died of cancer. They loved sewing and their company. She said that this crime won’t hold her back from carrying on the business she and her husband loved.

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