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Hisense Air conditioner becomes the World’s First Appliance to Qualify JQA’s Fresh Air Standards.

Hisense Air conditioner becomes the world’s first appliance to qualify JQA’s fresh air standards.

Hisense Air conditioner is going to be the world’s first air conditioner to receive the fresh air authorization from JQA. In case you are wondering what JQA is, it is Japan’s Quality Assurance organization. This organization tests out equipment, machines, and devices to figure out its quality. One thing Japan is known for is the work they put into building any product and producing high-end quality. JQA is not a private body; it is a proper state-authorized organization that checks for quality in products. After multiple rounds of tests, Hisense Air conditioner has become the world’s first AC to receive an official fresh air authorization from them.

This series of professional tests included tests on “CO2 reduction rate” and “Air volume”. Hisense is a leading brand in China that specializes in selling home appliances. They tested out the Hisense x8 split floor type Air conditioner and also tested out the Hisense x8 split wall type Air conditioner. The results that came out show that these appliances meet the “stringent” standards of the Japanese industry. These tests were mostly conducted in terms of “air volume” and “co2 reduction rate”. It makes Hisense fresh air conditioner also the world’s first air conditioner to gain JQA’s authorization of fresh air certification.

The appliance does have a lot of eye-catching and cool features on its side. The Hisense fresh master x8 split food type air conditioner combines fresh air as well as purification into a single product, making it more cost-effective in comparison to all of its other competitors. The device or rather, the appliance claims that it can effectively reduce the carbon dioxide content and increase the oxygen in a room in about as little as 3 minutes. The volume of fresh air can easily reach up to 150 m3/h. It also claims to be able to effectively remove the H1N1 virus, the HFMD virus, and the EV71 virus from the atmosphere. 

Ever since the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, users or customers have come to recognize the importance of the cleanliness of air around us. With the rise in demand for good air purifiers, a lot of companies are stepping into the business and trying to make the best of it. Hisense has officially moved a few steps ahead of all of its other competitors in the market because it is the only one with JQA’s authorization. As people have realized the importance of indoor health, the Hisense fresh master has quickly become their first choice.

Japan is well known for its high standards regarding the quality of products that reach its people. The country is also very strict with its laws about fresh air appliances. Back in 2003, Japan executed a building standard law. This law instructs all building owners to mandatorily install proper 24-hour ventilation systems that would help with fresh air supply to all its residents. Hisense fresh master has proved its quality by conforming to the high standards of the Japanese market, which is a relatively tough thing to do, thus also proving its technical strengths to the consumers. It has undoubtedly become their first choice.

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