Home Depot Decided to Hold Second-Quarter Earnings Call on August 18

Home Depot had conducted its first-quarter earnings call in May, and the company is ready for their second-quarter earnings call to be held in August. The news was announced on Tuesday that the call would be accessible through a webcast, the link for which will be available soon. 

Like the earlier conference call, the second one will also be recorded and made available through a link as the call is to be held at 9 a.m. E.T., it is expected that the recording would be up by noon most probably. 

The company’s Chairman and CEO, Vice President, Executive Vice President of marketing, and more would be joining the call this month. Prepared remarks would be shared first by the speakers, and then before the conclusion, a round of questions would take place. Most analysts and investors are allowed to probe questions during this round, and any other questions can be sent to Investor relations through a number. 

In the first-quarter call, topics like store hours, customer traffic during COVID-19, social distancing protocols, paid time off, over-time work pay, supply chain, retail strategy, and underlying technology were discussed with the ones who had joined the call. Starting with the CEO himself, this was explained, and other officials from the company took on from there. 

The agenda of the second quarter’s call hasn’t been declared yet but given its earnings call. We would hear about how the company plans to go back to the normal sales rate. Many retailers have struggled while going back into business, as many customers are still at home. 

All those who might be interested in the second-quarter earnings call can join the webcast that would go live at the given time. The link for it would be available under the events and presentations section of the official website of Home depot. A calendar notification can already be added through the same section. Although, when the webcast is live, it can be joined by simply clicking on the icon. 

It is also notable that the entire webcast will be archived and available for any interesting ones to see later on. The link through which it can be checked out will be notified about later on. 

Home Depot has shown great performance in every aspect during the past year and even in the times of COVID-19, which is why this event is of great importance, especially to the investors. With almost 2293 stores running in 50 states of the U.S., the company has achieved a lot. 

In the last year, as it was reported, the sales for Home Depot had been around $110 billion out of which the earnings were $11.2 billion. There’s a lot of promise in there for its investors and the 400,000 employees that work for the company. Especially the investors shouldn’t miss the second-quarter call that is coming up.


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