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Honda’s to reveal new steering wheel with virtual assistant at CES 2020

Honda to reveal in-car virtual assistant at CES

The CES 2020 that is going to take place next month will witness Honda showing prototypes and concepts which include an in-car virtual assistant. This new technology will be putting all the controls in the steering wheel. You just have to tap it twice to start the vehicle, pull the steering wheel to slow down the car, and push it to accelerate.

This new steering wheel, according to the automaker, will have eight modes, which range from semi-automatic to fully automatic functions. This will give users the choice to choose whether they wish to control the vehicle or leave it to the automatic self-driving system. In the company’s announcement, it said, “in the autonomous future, Honda believes that customers will be able to enjoy mobility in new ways when freed from the responsibility of driving”. They also added, “at the same time, customers may still want to experience the emotion and thrill of driving.” You can simply switch from automatic to manual modes with just a flick of the switch.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon will not be the only ones giving us the artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants. This virtual assistant will be known as ‘Honda Personal Assistant’. Honda vouches for unprecedented speed and accuracy when it comes to voice recognition. This will be accomplished by Honda as they plan to use the speech to meaning and deep meaning understanding technologies patented by them.

They also state that apart from an accurate understanding of speech, the virtual assistant will be able to understand the context of where exactly the vehicle is. Technically this isn’t new, but maybe Honda has used a unique approach to provide people with a better experience. Users can access the assistant using the phrase ‘Ok Honda’, which is pretty much the standard, but it is still unclear if it can be customized.

According to Honda, the vehicle’s sensors will be able to detect the user’s intention to shift among the multiple modes in order to create a more ‘instinctive driving experience’. This is basically an attempt to prevent accidents that occur due to human error. The automatic driving system will be ready to take control when required or in case of a threat. This is the picture Honda has given us about the AI-powered steering wheel so far. The rest of it will be revealed at the CES 2020.

Honda is not just coming with the AI-powered steering wheel; it is also planning to introduce their project (which is still work in progress) called ‘Smartphone as Brain’ technology. This new technology will ‘apparently’ allow drivers to use their phones while driving on the road in a ‘safe and convenient way’. This doesn’t mean you can operate your touch screens while on the road, which is still dangerous. This smartphone has brain technology, which will allow you to use voice recognition and various steering wheel switches so that you can operate different functions. This is the next level of technology, and CES 2020 will tell us what else Honda has in store for us!

Image Source: Techspot

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