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Hoshizaki and Easy Ice Partner up for New Service

Hoshizaki and Easy Ice partner up for new service

Hoshizaki, the leading manufacturer of equipment in the foodservice industry and Easy Ice, which has been offering ice cream machine subscriptions to customers, are now teaming up to offer a new ice machine subscription service. The new service has been named as Ice makers and will be offered by the duo every month to interested customers.
Easy Ice has been the only provider of full-service ice cream machine subscriptions across the U.S. for a long while. Now that the company has partnered up with Hoshizaki, the new subscription offered in a partnership will only be available through the latter’s dealer network.
The clear aim behind the launch of a service like this, as mentioned by both companies as well, is to allow the dealers in their network to gain access to the growing ice machine industry and reap the benefits of it eventually. It will allow them to offer a wide range of services to the already built customer base.
The subscription that will be offered by Hoshizaki and Easy Ice will be a monthly plan which will include preventive maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and sanitizing. Ice makers, which is the name of the new venture, will feature a new Hoshizaki ice machine every month. The same will be allowed for users to buy under the monthly plan. The cost of the ice supply is also included in the monthly fee, just in case the machine breaks down.
Both collaborating companies are giving a great deal to their customers through the new Ice makers, while it is beneficial for the dealer network. Mark Hangen, the CEO of Easy Ice, has also said that it is a very innovative solution to create ways for dealers to sell more ice machines shortly. A rather broader benefit is that they will be able to provide a great experience to the consumers despite everything.
As mentioned by Mark, Hoshizaki, and Easy Ice share the same aim of delivering a superior ice machine solution to business and other users across the country. The passion shared by the two is what has brought this deal to closure and into the light.
By the month, ice makers will soon be up and running through Hoshizaki’s outstanding network of equipment and dealers. It is designed and focused around meeting the needs of the foodservice industry, as they come. Hoshizaki America’s Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, Chris Karsseins also says that the singular focus of Easy Ice on providing a high-quality supply of ice fares well with Hoshizaki’s durability with products.
Full-service ice machine demand has rapidly increased over the past few years, and both companies strongly feel that both their customers and the network they work with will benefit from capturing the new market.

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