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How Tata Motors Achieved Highest Share Market Growth?

How Tata Motors Achieved Highest Share Market Growth?

Tata Motors was founded as a locomotive manufacturing company in 1945. They started their automobile journey by introducing commercial vehicles first, and it ruled the commercial vehicle market. In 1991 Tata motors first stepped into the passenger vehicles by launching Tata Sierra. Tata motors ruled the Automobile industry from the mid 21st century when India struggled to produce Automakers domestically. 

Tata Motors has several subsidiaries along with Tata preliminary subsidiaries. The market expanded globally with the robust car range among 175 countries on almost all continents. One of their success rates is the 3-month timeline for executing the idea into reality and the quality to lead all the employees to work perfectly.

Tata groups is into multiple industries, and it is also a top defense contractor by producing robust vehicles for all-terrain performances. The marketing of the Tata industry is unique. It produced the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano in 2009 at less than $3000. When Tata collaborated with Titan in 2011, they created a gold version of their cheapest automobile. In 2008 Tata Motors got other leading subsidiaries Jaguar and Landrover, for $2.3 billion. These are two British leading multinational automotive companies. This step is like returning to Ford when they humiliated Tata motors in 1999 when they went to sell the fledgling car business to Ford. In 2008 Tata Motors bought Jaguar and Landrover with all cash transactions during the American financial crisis time. At that time, all the Indians were awestruck seeing their home grown company dealing with countries’ former rulers through such a high profile transaction.

But at that time, the company suffered for three years with a serious price drop on its share value. There are indifferent reasons like leadership woes, a fling in demand for diesel cars, and Brexit departure of the UK from the EU. Brexit particularly affected JLR sales in the UK and the US. Not only this, but the sales of the world’s cheapest car Nano also failed because of the most status-conscious Indian people. Even its commercial business also in downfall due to the economic downfall.

As per Economic Times report in Yoy(year over year) sales growth, Tata shows the highest Share growth than any company from last year. Tata Motors sold 21,200 cars this year compared to the sale of 8,097 cars last year, Sep 2019, which shows a huge growth of 162 percent. And it is present in the 3rd position with Maruti and Hyundai in 1st and second positions. 

Tata will soon overtake the race with its best-selling cars Tata Nexon, Nexon EV, Tata Tiago, Tata Zest, and Tata Bolt. Even Tata Tiago is in the top 10 best selling cars list of Hindustan times. These cars registered the Tata Motors in the top-selling passenger cars in the top 3rd position.

Tata motors always develops a vehicle with a customer-centric approach. It is the only Indian manufacturer that completely builds its products in India. They neither use imported materials nor outsource operations. In the current agitation of buying Made in India products, this will be a huge advantage for Tata motor’s market growth.

Recently Tata announced the plan of launching 3 new vehicles in the range of JLR. After that, the Berlin-based technology group IOTA teamed up with JLR for implementing new software for cars so that you can access even your phone as personal car keys. Tata already revealed the first look of its first JLR model Land Rover Defender which is a rugged SUV with a hardtop. They also confirmed that it has a perfect combination of good cargo space, with premium connectivity to all the updated technologies. The authorities also announced that it will be the toughest Land Rover model ever with all premium facilities. This model is to be launched by 2021. The other two models will be revealed by 2024. At present, JLR is facing some dwindle in sales due to the Brexit impact. Hope this new range of vehicles will be a real boost up for the JLR.

It is also the word on the street that Tata is trying to provide the new range vehicles with mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and even electric vehicles. Whatever Tata took the step, there is always innovation and the intention to provide customer satisfaction. In the next step, Tata Motors is trying to improve its after-sales services to provide complete attention to its customers. 

Tata motor is planning to rebuild the passenger vehicle profile by 2024 completely. For this, they are trying to introduce Electric vehicles, which are very happening automation in the current scenario. Tata Motors is currently planning to take over 50% of the Indian passenger vehicle market by 2024. It may be a tough process before, but at present, with its highest market growth, best selling Tata cars, and Launch of a new range of JLR vehicles and their drafting on electric vehicles, it may soon reach the position.

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