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HP Elite Dragonfly might be the best business laptop of the Company

Elite Dragonfly could be the best business laptop of HP Image

With competition increasing day by day in the field of business laptops, HP has created yet another masterpiece which would help the company in maintaining its place. The new HP Elite Dragonfly is the laptop that is clearly meant for all the businessmen and corporate people out there. The laptop has all the features which are quite required in a corporate field. Sleek design, lightweight, powerful, you name it, the laptop has everything.

The Dragonfly has even been tested for its power and its resistance to destruction, which resulted in achieving the MIL-STD 810G military standard, which clearly means that one can be assured that the laptop won’t break at a single fall. Apart from that, the Elite Dragonfly is less than 1kg, making it the lightest laptop, till date in the field of workplace laptops. Surprisingly, the Dragonfly would be available only in blue color, as according to stats blue is the most trusted and preferred color.

Another interesting thing about the HP Elite Dragonfly is that it is made from recycled plastic from the ocean. The keys are made from recycled ocean plastic and one would not be able to find metal components in the keyboard. The Dragonfly even has a more quiet keyboard and mouse. What are the features of the HP Elite Dragonfly? The laptop has quad-core 8th Gen Intel Core with a choice of i5 or i7. There would be two variants, one with the i5 Intel core and the other with the i7. There would even be a difference in battery life, one having a two-cell battery while the other would have a four-cell battery. The battery life of the 4-cell is around 24 hours. The laptops would have HDMI port along with 2 USB-C Thunderbolt ports and also a USB-A port. 

The laptop has a display of 13.3-inch and also the size of the bezels have been reduced. The top bezels have been reduced to 42% while the side ones have been reduced to 14%. Due to the reduction of the bezel size, the screen resolution has increased with the screen to body ration increased by 87%. The laptop also features a 3.5mm camera in it which has an in-built webcam system and also Sure View technology from HP to secure the device and maintain privacy.

Apart from that, the HP Elite Dragonfly also has 4G LTE wireless connectivity making it easier for the users to have uninterrupted internet and handle the work smoothly. The HP Elite Dragonfly is yet to come to the market and is expected to have a price range starting from $1549. The users can expect the HP Elite Dragonfly to be on sale from the25th of October. As per the latest news, With the best features and design, HP might have the chance to maintain its position as the company producing the best business laptops. Moreover, we can further expect HP to release the Dragonfly in other colors as well. For now, the sale would only have the blue color model.

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