HP Showcases its Latest 14-inch Spectre x 360 Laptop that Comes with Evo Certification

Today, HP has unveiled a string of laptops, all of which are coming with Intel Evo certification, meaning, all of these laptops are equipped with the 11th Gen Intel-core processors. These processors are also known as the “Tiger Lake” processors. The laptop that is topping this list of Evo certified laptops is the 14-inch Spectre x 360 laptops, the latest addition to the Spectre x 360 series. Equipped with a display measuring 13.5 inches, this flexible laptop, which can be even used as a tablet, is slightly bigger than its other fellow laptops falling within this series. 

Among the Spectre x 360 laptops, the latest 14-inch laptop uses the 3:2 aspect ratio for its display. According to HP, this arrangement enables an extra 20% space for viewing the display when kept in a vertical position compared to a display that uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. HP also states that this is the first-ever laptop to be equipped with an “all-in-one keyboard” consisting of power control, a brand new camera shutter, an HP Command Center, and a mute mic button. Additionally, the keyboard also contains a fingerprint reader. The keyboard is a scissor-switch keyboard. The keyboard is made from inexhaustible materials, states HP. 

Features at a glance

The 11th Gen Intel Core processors embedded within the device ensure that the laptop is out from its sleep mode within a second. Moreover, the charging speeds are quite high. The battery can go on for about 17 hours at a stretch. Additionally, the device is compatible with WiFi 6. 

As far as the software features of the Spectre x 360 14 are concerned, it is equipped with a Focus Mode, which, when enabled, subdues the idle apps in the background. This feature ensures a better productivity rate. Then there is another new feature known as ‘Auto Color,’ which changes the screen’s ‘color space’ regarding the matter being displayed on the screen. 

An optional OLED display is also available for the Spectre x 360 14, which can get a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 for the device. This display comes with the following variations: Nightfall Black with Copper Luxe accents, Poseidon Blue with Pale Brass accents, and Natural Silver.

Apart from the Spectre x 360 14, a few other devices come with Evo certification – the Spectre x 360 13, the ENVY x 360 13, and the ENVY 13. These renewed laptops are now equipped with the 11th Gen Intel Core processors and underwent the same certification treatment as the Spectre x 360 14. Additionally, HP is also bringing about a Spectre x 360 13 having 5G support for those who prefer having a laptop equipped with cellular connections. 

Both HP Spectre x 360 14 and HP Spectre x 360 13 can be ordered from HP’s US website sometime this month. The prices for these laptops are expected to start at $1200. Also, both of these would be available on Best Buy, starting November. Along with these two laptops, the HP ENVY 13 is also expected to arrive on HP’s US website this month itself. The starting price of this one is expected to be $900. 

The HP ENVY X 360 13 is already present on the Best Buy website for $950. And then, the HP Spectre x 360 13 with 5G support is expected to arrive onboard sometime early next year. The pricing details of the same would be revealed later. 

HP has added itself to the list of tech companies that are manufacturing Evo-certified laptops. So far, firms like Acer, Dell, and MSI have remade many of their laptops with 11th Gen Intel Core processors.

Image source: Engadget

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