HQ Trivia is Back Again, Bringing Relief to Many

After a lot of issues started cropping up in HQ Trivia, its co-founder Rus Yusupov had announced in February that the app would no longer be continuing and that it is all set to bid farewell soon, leaving millions of fans disheartened. However, the latest news is that the app is all set to make a comeback again. All the HQ Trivia players were informed about this update via a push notification stating that a new game would be going live pretty soon. 

Once the players were notified about this latest update, Yusupov shared a tweet confirming the same that, indeed, the app is all set to return. 

According to a source associated with the firm, the app is making an official comeback, which means that it is bound to stay from now on. Episodes will start hiring on a more regular basis, as and when time progresses. As of now, the entire planning and scheduling of the app are being figured out. Once this is done, the app would start functioning regularly. 

So, with this news coming, many of us would be left wondering as to what happened such that the app is making a comeback so fast? Well, the same anonymous source from the organization who earlier confirmed the comeback has stated that a private investor has acquired the firm. Apparently, due to this reason, the app is returning, giving fans all over the world a chance to rejoice.

There could not have been a better time for the app to return other than now. Due to the novel coronavirus that has now spread to almost the entire world, many countries are making social distancing norms mandatory and also enforcing lockdowns in many places, thereby forcing people to remain indoors. So, when there is no means of entertainment outside the house, people would have something to look forward to within their homes, with the return of HQ Trivia. 

Users were immensely happy and relieved when they heard that HQ Trivia was all set to return. 

HQ Trivia was introduced sometime in 2017. Within a short time period, it attained a lot of fame and popularity, all thanks to its whole bunch of live interactive quiz apps, which involved cash prizes. It was this feature that attracted a lot of players to the app. 

However, it seemed like the good times for the organization were coming to an end with a series of unpleasant events unfolding within the firm. One of them was the untimely demise of Colin Kroll, the then co-founder of the company, in December 2018. The company had started seeing a downfall by then. 

Last month, on February 14th, Yusupov sent a mail to all the employees of the company stating that none of the lead investors were willing to provide any funds to the firm owing to which the company was forced to stop all its operations, thereby heading towards dissolution. 

Post this update, on February 18th, Yusupov posted a tweet on Twitter stating that he was trying his best to bring back HQ, and for the same reason, he was in talks with another company. These talks also concentrated on providing the severance pay to the 25 employees involved with HQ, as well as paying off cash prizes to the players who had not yet received them, owing to the losses faced by the organization. Incidentally, when the news of the app’s return was revealed, a few users even tried finding out if their $0 balances would be restored. 

Yusupov posted a tweet saying that “In its new home, we should expect HQ to go through some changes, especially to cover expenses, and be less buggy.” 

The company source further added that a public service component explaining the COVID-19 virus spread is all set to be a part of the first game of the app. 
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