HTC to upgrade new U11, U11+, and U12 with Android Pie 9.0

Google has recently announced to have 10.4% of the total android to use its latest Android version, the Android Pie as their inbuilt OS. The company officially released Pie version in the month of August last year. One such to join in this 10.4% is going to be HTC, when it comes with its latest launch of U11, U011+, and U12.

It was confirmed on Twitter by HTC regarding the usage of the all-new Android OS, Android Pie in their above-mentioned devices. They also mentioned them as their only devices with this update that is lined up. HTC was found quoting on Twitter,

“We want to share the release schedule of the Android Pie updates for #HTC smartphones. Please note, certain regions & carrier deployment may affect these dates. U11 rollout will begin late May, 2019; U11+ will begin late June, 2019; U12+ will begin mid-June, 2019. Thank you.”

HTC for a very long time has been silent in the smartphone world and has been equally losing its touch. But the new model has brought HTC back in the competition with adapting the new Android Pie as their OS. The new HTC launch has still not reached the market, but I’m pretty sure that everyone is waiting to put their hands on the new version with the latest operating system.

HTC has also tweeted regarding the release date of their launch in their tweet of March 12, 2019 that read:

“We wanted to share the status on the Android 9 update. HTC is currently working on ensuring the update is compatible with our phones & we anticipate a release for U11, U11+ & U12+ customers starting Q2’19. Exact timing defers to operators’ availabilities in different countries.”

For anyone out there with the HTC U11, U11+ or U12+ can expect the Android Pie update in their smartphones in the coming months and aspires that it appeases you with this long wait. As HTC is one of the latest companies to adopt Android Pie version of OS that is almost a year later than the actual release of Android Pie update.

The new Android pie has a lot of new features for not only smooth running of the smartphones but also gives you a lot of new stuff. Users will appreciate the smarter notification feature, auto-fill improvements, and heaps of advanced and brand-new appearance in the latest update. Not to forget new gesture navigation controls, digital wellbeing options, Google Assistant improvements, themes, and support for the notch.

Accordingly, everyone is expecting apart from the exciting features of Android Pie, there is going to be some new features that will be put from the side of HTC as well to make it more worth for their users. One can also expect some more changes in the previous updates or any bug fixing as per the demand. We are all aware that every HTC phone in the market is using Android 8.0 Oreo update. On top of that, there are only a few phones in the market that have been manufactured by HTC and they are all ready to adopt the new Android pie OS.

Regardless of the new update, there are still issues. One of the main ones being that Google is all set to bring another new android update ‘Android O’. It is all set to release somewhere during the month of August this year. This makes HTC a full update behind other smartphone companies in the market with the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, and others. We have been enjoying this update since March.

Anyway, the only thing to assure right now as per the rumor mills and the HTC updates is that they are still adapting their Android Pie. One can also expect a 2-3-month delay even in this. Rest assured let’s take a seat and see how these phones turn out in case of any further updates of HTC.

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