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Huawei files a lawsuit against three Frenchman for saying that it has connections with Chinese government

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Huawei has filed a lawsuit against the French critics for saying that the Huawei company has connections with the Chinese government and that it acts as a spy for the Chinese government. According to Bloomberg and French investigative site La Lettre A, Huawei has filed three defamation lawsuits in France against a French researcher, broadcast journalist, and wireless network expert.

The lawsuit was filed in March against these three French critics who made wrong comments on different television programs about Huawei. Huawei company itself confirmed that the lawsuit was filed by the company back in March.

Huawei says that it sued critics who commented that “Huawei is a company controlled by the Chinese state and the Chinese Communist Party, led by a former member of the ‘counter-intelligence’ and using its technological expertise in telecom networks to commit acts of espionage against the Western world”.


The Huawei company said that “these statements were false”. Huawei also sued the US company, as it banned the Huawei company from setting up a 5G network in the US. The US also has been saying EU to stop the Huawei company from building 5G infrastructure.

But, according to ‘Huawei law’, which was recently brought into force by the France government, it will allow the company to set up 5G infrastructure in France. But, this law also gives the right to the France government to reject them any time based on the national security threat implications. And also, Germany has allowed Huawei to built and access its 5G infrastructure. Due to this, the US said that it would cut all the access to the intelligence data if Huawei is allowed to set up to both Germany and Canada.

Though, Huawei has sued US for its baseless claims against the company. But this hasn’t stopped the US representatives from claiming wrong again. They insist again that Huawei will have to submit all the data to the Chinese government if asked. Though, the critics were sued. Huawei didn’t sue broadcast networks TF1 and France5, saying that the company doesn’t want to attack the freedom of the press.

Valerie Niquet, a researcher at the Paris based foundation for Strategic Research, who actually specializes in China and Japan, had said that the Huawei company has ties to the Chinese government in two television programs in February. She is one of the French critics against which the lawsuit was filed by the Huawei company.

Valerie was filed against a lawsuit in March. And, she was informed of the lawsuit against her in September. And in November, the police had reached out to her to confirm her comments against the Huawei company. In the investigation, she confirmed the comment on TF1 against Huawei company on Feb 3rd. She also confirmed another comment on France 5 television on Feb 7th.

She said that no one would be giving a company permission to monitor the communication of the western countries that too a soviet company. But we still do not know if the prosecutors will investigate on what she said. Valerie said in a interview, where she is attending conferences that is in Tokyo, Japan.

Valerie said, “I am surprised that Huawei decided to file a lawsuit against an expert who spoken broadcast television programs, in her capacity as an expert in China.” Actually, the rumor of the Huawei company acting as a spy for the Chinese government is not new. But the issue became delicate when France started its bidding for building 5G infrastructure. And Huawei actually wants to develop its 5G structure in Europe’s second-largest economy, that is France.

Also, the US has been the center of the claim against the Huawei company. But, we need to note that none of the claims have been properly tested in court and given a result. First, these rumors about Huawei started in January 2018. Huawei was rumored to be sharing US trade secrets with the Chinese government.

In February 2018, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the US National Security Agency accused the Huawei company of acting as a spy for the Chinese government. But, we need to note the accusers ignored the fact the Google LLC and Apple Inc was made there.

Due to these accusations, the US Department of Justice conducted an inquiry for the Huawei company in April 2018. After this incident, in January 2019, the US banned all US companies from doing business with Huawei. And Huawei was banned from trading its products or buying any products from the US.

The Huawei uses Android for their phones, and all Google apps were also banned from Huawei. Though Huawei filed a case against this, the case didn’t stand out. The case lost as the US law was constitutionally legal, and it is not because as the Huawei was spying on US was true.

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