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Huawei Finding its Way Through all Disputes: A New Aid of Cloud Services

Huawei Finding its Way Through all Disputes: A New Aid of Cloud Services

There is no doubt that Huawei struggles to stay afloat, post the US government rolled out regulations against the Chinese smartphone maker. Back in October, news reports revealed that Huawei’s growth levels had dipped down drastically. And now, in order to survive within this competitive market, Huawei has decided to take the aid of cloud services. That was confirmed by the founder of the organization Ren Zhengfei, who revealed that going forward, cloud services would be the base for all of its smartphone services and its 5G operations.

A news report which appeared in the South China Morning Post has revealed that the company has been thinking of switching towards cloud services for quite some time now. Ren had addressed the same via an announcement exclusively for the organization back in November. The founder further reinforced that Huawei needs to hit a “breakthrough” in the cloud services area as it was something new for the company that it had never explored in all these years. 

Ren even went on to say that Huawei cannot travel by the same route taken by Amazon and Alibaba since both these companies have huge amounts stacked within the US share market. “Our enterprise business needs to scale back its battlefront … If our strategy is too broad, we will lose our combat strength”, added Ren. 

As per sources Big techies like Amazon have rich experiences in the areas of e-commerce. They also have operations related to video streaming. Amongst the various businesses operated by these tech giants, cloud computing is one of them. Thus, one can say that companies like Amazon have a good hands-on experience within the cloud services technology, which is not the case for Huawei. The Chinese tech giant is well-known for its smartphones and brings various equipment related to the telecom industry.

Ren also urges the organization to take its lessons from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon. Both the tech giants have established their strong presence globally within the cloud computing zone by giving a lot of importance to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS). Now, what exactly are these two services? Well, customers using IaaS can use technologies to the likes of networking and storage of data on a payable basis. On the other hand, PaaS customers are open to using both computing technologies (networking and data storage) and any source that would be helpful for software coding and publishing any developed software over the internet. 

Presently, Amazon and Alibaba are the global leaders of IaaS technology. Huawei has established its reputation as the top provider of cloud computing services within China and Alibaba and Tencent. However, when looking from a global perspective, it looks like Huawei still needs to settle down well with cloud computing technology, as it is one of today’s highly demanded technologies.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for cloud computing surged to high levels in 2020 as most of the activities were being held online. China also invested a lot of money into cloud technology to be used within 5G networks.

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