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First HarmonyOS device of Huawei is a Smart TV: The Honor Vision TV

First HormonyOS device is Honor Vision TV Image

According to the reports, it has been found that Huawei would soon be launching its first HarmonyOS device which would be a smart TV, by the name of The Honor Vision TV, and would be available in the market of China by next week.

As earlier known about the ban on Chinese companies by the U.S, Huawei has been affected a lot. The company has already received an extent of around 90 days before the ban comes in full effect which would mean that the company won’t be able to get any part or services from the U.S based companies which even includes the Android OS and Google services. Though Google has already announced that it won’t certify any further devices of the company, the last K series smartphone has been luckily certified by Google.

Huawei already knew about such a situation way before, because of the ongoing dispute between China and the U.S due to which it had started working on its own Operating System way before the ban was announced. The Operating system, called Harmony, has received approval from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, where the company had registered for the same.

The Honor Vision TV is the first attempt of the company to run it on its own Operating System due to which high expectations are there. The company is going to release two models namely, the Honor Vision TV and the Honor Vision Pro.

According to previous news, Huawei has been working on developing its OS since last 2 years and the results have been out. The HarmonyOS has been designed so as to work on all kinds of wearable devices, PCs, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets which would be produced by the company. For now, Huawei is focusing on smart TVs like the one launched now.

Now about the Honor Vision TV: the smart screen has Huawei’s Honghu 818 chipset, has octa-core processor which would be responsible for the clarity of the images on the screen. The screen would be a 55-inch, 4K display and can double up as a smart home hub too. The smart screen would even be able to give information such as weather forecast, tracking of the deliveries and they can even be controlled with a smartphone.

The smart screens would be available in the China markets from 15th of August at a price of $540 and $680 for Honor Vision TV and Honor Vision Pro respectively. Both the smart screens though have some differences to be marked. The Honor Vision Pro has an adjustable pop-up camera, six far-field microphones, which can be useful for video calls, and the screen has a resolution of 1080p and 30fps. The Pro version of the smart screen also has six 10W speakers, which is way more than the Honor Vision TV which only has 4 speakers.

As TVs are first being released in China, there is a possibility that it would not reach other major international markets later this year. The Honor Vision and the Honor Vision Pro are going to be the gadgets which would further show the reliability of the OS of the company.

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