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Mate X to be released later: release date postponed by Huawei

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The much-awaited folding phone of the year, Mate X, has been delayed. The phone which was going to be released in June was earlier postponed to September and according to the latest information, there is still no surety that the phone would be able to make it in September or not.

The news was sent by the company itself to TechRadar which states that “Huawei confirms that Mate X is still scheduled for launch between September and November 2019.”

So, most probably we might see the folding phone by November. With no sooner release date confirmation, Huawei has cleared the way for Samsung Galaxy Fold which, after a failed attempt, is attempting to enter the market again. With Huawei going through a lot of troubles, the postponing of the release date of Mate X might be a mistake according to most of the people.

Though Huawei has successfully created its own OS Harmony after the ban, which was quite remarkable, the actual battle for the company has started now. The challenge is to gain the trust of the customers and to make them believe that their products are better than their previous versions, which were powered by US companies. Huawei is still on its way of developing more gadgets with Harmony OS, for which it needs to maintain the reputation of the company.

After Samsung Galaxy Fold had a failed attempt earlier this year, all hopes were with Huawei Mate X and with more such delays, there are chances that Fold might make a comeback with all its issues resolved. Apart from that, there’s news that the next version of Mate X would be having more screens. Where? The screens would be made by replacing the steel rear cover of the phone with a glass back which would become the touchable screens.

Adding more screens is quite a bit of a challenge for designers. The Mate X, being a foldable phone, has certain chances of not working properly with foldable screens and if fate has it, it might give the same results as the Samsung Galaxy Fold had given this year. The idea though is appreciated but there is a possibility that it might take years before we get the foldable glass back in our phones. Though we can’t say anything as nothing is impossible.

With the testing and experimenting going on, the team of Huawei Mate X had earlier tried to replace the back with Aluminum to save 20g but failed while doing so, which might have been the cause of the delay of the launch date. For now, the final Mate X would have the steel back as stated earlier by the company. The changes which were noticed in the reveal session of the final Mate X at Huawei’s Shenzhen HQ were a slimmer lock button and some changes in the Falcon Hinge.

Though there were other ideas too which the team had proposed for Mate X which includes the glass back, sheet display, which would still take time to develop and many more. The ideas of the team were remarkable and, if worked on, would surely give positive results. For now, we can wait and hope that the Mate X would not have any more delays.

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