Huawei to bring 5G in Russia: U.S ban has no effect on the deal with Russia

Huawei Russia 5G Project Image

With the U.S ban still on effect, Huawei is no way letting its global business fall out. To prove that the company is still in the game, Huawei has signed a deal with Russia for building a high-speed wireless 5G network. While the whole world is still working on the 4G network, Huawei is going to experiment with 5G network making it the first ever company to experiment with 5G.

MTS, one of the top mobile network in Russia, has confirmed the news that they have made an agreement with Huawei to introduce the 5G network in Russia. The testing of the wireless network would begin later this year.

It has yet not been told that what is the worth of the agreement or how many cities or places the 5G network would cover in Russia, but for the time being this is going to be huge news for the rest of the world. While the U.S is trying to convince its allies about the threat that Huawei possess regarding security and privacy, Kremlin has already noted that several deals were signed and that the company does not possess any such threat.

Meanwhile, Huawei is becoming one of the biggest tools which is adding more spark to the dispute between China and U.S. Huawei is one of the leading telecommunication companies and due to the ban on the Huawei company, the dispute has become sourer.

On the 15th of May, U.S had put the company in its blacklist stating that Huawei is involved in many such activities which concern the U.S national security or foreign policy interest. After the ban, the American companies are strictly prohibited to sell any parts to the company. Followed by the ban, Google has also removed the Android license for the company which has led to huge chaos regarding the company’s sale. After that, Microsoft has removed Huawei’s laptops from its online stores stating that it has broken all the threads with the company.

While Huawei is still trying to regain its lost status, the agreement with Russia has been a great opportunity.

“I don’t see any special significance in the deal because of this(the ban). Huawei unabashedly and unapologetically considers itself a leader in video surveillance, and is vertically integrated all the way to the chips inside of the cameras to the network all the way to the data center,” says Patrick Moohead, the principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy who even believes that the deal is a symbol of the long old friendship between China and Russia.

Meanwhile, the hot news is all about the 5G network that Huawei is going to set up in Russia and if it becomes successful, then the U.S is going to have a big rival in the new future. Basically it is a competition of who is going to win, China or U.S but for now, we are quite excited about the experiment that Huawei is going to do in Russia for the wireless 5G network.

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