Huawei facing difficulties due to ban: It’s Laptop disappearing from the Microsoft Store

With the announcement of the ban on giving supplies to the Chinese companies by the U.S government, Huawei has faced a lot of difficulties. Though the Huawei ban has been temporarily lifted and the company would still get supplies for the manufacture of its smartphones till later this year, Huawei is still facing issues for its laptops. Recently, Microsoft has removed all the laptops of Huawei from its online store. Customers would be able to look at the model but when clicking on the link, it would show an error. Microsoft has already removed Huawei Matebook X Pro and Matebook D and is going to remove other laptops too, from its online store.

The above models can be found in some of the offline stores, but the stock won’t last for long. Huawei has already lost its Windows license and without a certified license, it is going to be difficult for the company to sell its products. While it is clearly known that Huawei’s Matebook Pro is one of the best Windows laptops available in the U.S but unfortunately it cannot be bought due to the ban on the company.

Huawei has already faced difficulty in selling its smartphones due to the ban and is still looking for an alternative method. While the ban is not going to work for the company’s smartphone for a time being, the sales of laptops are going to be hampered a lot. Microsoft has yet not given any comments as to why it has removed the Huawei laptops from Microsoft’s online store and has neither said anything regarding the ban but it can be clearly depicted that the company is taking precaution by removing the laptop and other items of Huawei from online stores.

Microsoft is not the only company which has been forced to ditch Huawei, Google is also taking necessary steps to void all the connections with the company by not providing certification to the brand’s new series of smartphones. While Huawei can still sell the K20 series due to Google certification but won’t be able to do so in the future. The Huawei laptops have not only been ditched by the online stores of U.S companies but have even lost their Google certification due to the effect of the ban.

Due to the ban, the Huawei laptops are currently facing several server problems. Following the footsteps of Google and Microsoft, Intel and Qualcomm are also forced to follow the order and avoid providing any kind of supplies to the company. The server chips that Huawei sued to get from Intel are banned and the company has to think of other methods to save itself from the devastation.

While Huawei has stocked Intel chips which can last for up to 3 months, it now completely depends upon the creator of the company thinking to invent another OS for the smartphones and other alternative methods to sell the laptops. Though the company has said that it would sell the remaining laptops which are Google certified, it can be said that we won’t be seeing more laptops from Huawei in the near future.

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