Huawei reaches 200 million phone sales for 2019; faster than in 2018

The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei released reports claiming that it reached the milestone of shipping 200M smartphones to the customers in 2019. The surprising fact about this achievement is that they had accomplished this milestone faster than they did in the year 2018, despite 2019 being a year of hardships and hurdles for Huawei.

As the troubles between US President Donald Trump and Huawei led to the US trade ban for the company, Huawei’s future got lost in the uncertainty. Amongst all these uncertainties and adversities, Huawei has still managed to bag a record-breaking scale within a short span.

Huawei has sold over 200 Million smartphones around the world in 2019 alone. The sale is a fast-paced one when compared to the sale of previous years. Huawei marked the milestone of 2019, 64 days earlier than in 2018.

Speculations are that sped-up sales of Huawei phones were due to the support of customers who backed their native company. Additionally, the Chinese government doesn’t promote and accept the usage of services like Google in the country. So the US trade ban won’t affect Huawei’s sales in the Chinese market.

Combat between the US and Huawei has resulted in a ban for Huawei in the US market, which controls a major part of the global market. Even though the previous models will possibly get the regular android updates, the latest models like Huawei Mate 30 series aren’t available in the international market. The newer series also lacks Google services as the tech giants decided to go in approval with the trade ban for Huawei.

According to sources, Huawei is the 2nd largest smartphone traders in terms of shipment. Samsung bags the first place, and Apple comes third, following Huawei.

As the US trade ban is tightening its grip over Huawei, it is assumed that Huawei will lose about 10% of its annual income by the end of this financial year. Restrictions on Huawei have impacted its growth in the global market.

This update about Huawei crossing 200 Million shipments was made public through the official social media handles of Huawei. The tech world assumes that Huawei is keen on proving that the US trade ban and restrictions won’t affect their growth. They will continue to maintain the pace of growth and will remain as an affordable, favourite smartphone brand.

At this pace of events, Huawei will soon be out of the international smartphone brands. Let us keep up the hopes of resolving these troubles by clearing up the problems and US trade ban in some way. The ban of Huawei phones continues in effect in the global market, especially the American network.

Besides achieving this tremendous business growth, Huawei remains in darkness. The future of Huawei is not so bright but hopes that this tech giant from China will get hold of their global market.

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