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Huawei registering its own OS under the name “Harmony”

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Huawei has already been in the hit list of the US which has caused a loss for the company. The recent news of the US banning all the Chinese companies to sell their products and prohibiting the US-based companies to sell any parts or technologies to the same has already created a lot of havoc. The ban has led Huawei to create its own OS as Android has already stopped collaborating with Huawei and even Google has been doing the same. In all this chaos, Huawei has still managed to create its all-new OS which might be called “Harmony.”

The new OS “Harmony” from the company has been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This software would be used in the laptops and phones which would be produced by the company in the future. The company had been given a time limit of 90 days before the ban came into full power. During this time limit, Huawei had a lot of burdens to create its OS, test it and increase its sales and also gain the trust of its customers back.

The recent phones released by the company are not Google-certified due to the ban due to which it had been a troublesome period for Huawei. But Huawei has been already working on its in-home OS or which there have been various names suggested like Hongmeng and Ark. It was already known that Huawei would be releasing its own OS way back but the conflict between China and the US has made it necessary for the company to release it as soon as possible.

Huawei has faced a lot of problems and there are a lot more to come. With the ban in full effect, it has been quite difficult for the company to persuade app developers for the new operating system. According to the news report, the new operating system is already in its testing phase and would be fully operational by fall. The company has already filed for the trademark application on 12th of July, 2019, which is under inspection and the conclusion would be made soon.

The application which has been registered reads, “Downloadable operating system programs; Recorded operating system programs; Mobile operating systems; Computer operating systems; Downloadable computer operating programs and computer operating systems.” The application clearly indicates that Huawei’ new operating system would be compatible and work in both desktops and mobile phones. 

There has been a history of different operating systems other than Android that has been released in recent years but could not work well. These operating systems were Firefox OS, Samsung Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire OS and many more which went down in the market due to certain flaws.

While Huawei is undoubtedly one of the best telecommunication companies, but the new OS would be the key factor in deciding the future of the company due to which it is important for the OS to be flawless and should operate well. Only time would tell whether Harmony would save Huawei or would let the company shut down.

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