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Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro, Compatible with ECG, to arrive on December 12 in China

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 Pro, compatible with ECG, to arrive on December 12 in China

Lately, one can witness many Huawei devices making an entry into the market. Out of all these, one is a smartwatch, and the Chinese tech giant plans on bringing it to the country on December 12. The product, named Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, would be compatible with ECG.

Embedding the ECG feature into smartwatches is bringing in a lot of business for the smartwatch market at present. The first time this feature entered a wearable was about two years ago, on the fourth generation of the Apple Watch. Presently, this functionality can be witnessed in many smartwatches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the new Fitbit Sense.

China witnessed the launch of Watch GT 2 Pro, sometime during the previous month. However, that was minus the ECG feature. With this functionality present in the upcoming device, it would not be wrong to say that the Watch GT 2 Pro has undergone an upgrade. The device is estimated to cost about 2688 yuan, or approximately $409.

According to Huawei, the upcoming smartwatch has, in a first of its sorts, procured the Class II medical equipment registration certificate of the National Medical Products Administration. Users wanting to seek professional help with regards to their ECG reports can do so from the three high priority hospitals in China who rank quite high in terms of their services.

The remaining specifications of the smartwatch would be more or less equivalent to the device that arrived last month. Sporting an AMOLED display measuring 1.39 inches 454 x 454, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is also equipped with a Sapphire Glass, that offers protection to it from scratches or any other damage.

This smartwatch is an ideal device to be used during sporting events, as it is capable of keeping a check and monitoring various parameters during sports activities. The Watch GT 2 Pro can be used during high-energy sports such as golf, skiing as well as snowboarding, providing a lot of information.

As far as the storage is concerned, the smartwatch can house about 4GB of data, as that much storage space has been integrated into its system. Also, the GPS feature has been set up within the system. Along with the GPS, a route-back functionality has also been in-built within the system, which would be of great help to users during a weak or low GPS signal. At such times, this functionality would guide the users to the place from where they started their journey.

Furthermore, the smartwatch is enabled with a sleep tracking system, which the user can make use of to check if he is getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Apart from monitoring sleep times, the smartwatch is also capable of checking one’s heart rate throughout the day. The Watch GT 2 Pro can also keep a check on the stress levels.

About a fortnight ago, a new update arrived on the smartwatch which enabled the device to keep a tab on the oxygen levels within the blood. The blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking can be done all the time, including sleep time also. Apart from this update, the smartwatch received a few other updates:

  • Support for many languages including Korean, Burmese, Bengali, and Persian
  • Weather report optimization 
  • Optimization of the customized settings related to the swimming pool length

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