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Huge KFC order gave away Australian citizens for violating COVID-19 norms and were charged $18,000

Huge KFC order gave away Australian citizens for violating COVID-19 norms and were charged $18,000

A KFC outlet in Australia received a fairly large order for a takeout which irked the police to look into what was the reason for this huge order. When they reached the delivery point, they found over a dozen people at the house since it was a house party. They were charged with $26,000 in Australian dollars as fines, which is almost $18,000 in US dollars, Authorities reported that this happened on Friday. The people at the house are being fined for violating the social distancing guidelines. There were 16 people at the house party which was a surprise birthday celebration held at a house in Dandenong, a suburb in Melbourne. All this news was given to the public by chief commissioner Shane Patton of the victoria police.

The government had enforced more strict norms in Victoria after a huge surge in the number of cases was observed. Police and the authorities have been trying to make sure that the citizens abide by the guidelines to maintain safety. The police were informed about a gathering by some ambulance workers who noticed other customers who were placing an unusually large order in a KFC outlet in Dandenong. Patton proceeded to tell the news reporters in an interview that two people were placing this order for 20 odd meals at 1:30 in the morning. It was quite unusual given that the country is currently re-enforcing lockdown, meaning such huge fast-food requirements are fairly unusual. The ambulance took note of this and informed the police who later enquired about the KFC employees for further details.

The officers obtained the registration of the vehicle that the two people were on, and then they followed the vehicle up to the townhouse where the party was supposed to happen. Patton further added that they found two people asleep, and sixteen more hiding under beds, in the garage and some in the backyard. Belinda Betty, the media officer for Victoria police, said that the fine charged was 1,652 Australian dollars and they had filed 16 infringements. Patton expressed his disappointment in the citizens and said that this type of behaviour was ridiculous. He further added that this birthday was going to cost them $26,000 and would be one party they would always remember. 

These infringements were filed amongst several others in the past 24 hours. The Victorian government has enforced more strict rules regarding the lockdown due to pandemic and is pushing and encouraging all citizens to follow them either by will or by en-forcing financial penalties. Governments across the world are trying their best to ensure the safety of their citizens. Some countries have even executed jail terms in addition to the financial fines to make the people follow social distancing guidelines.

These restrictions have been implemented in areas like Melbourne and Mitchell Shire after the Victorian government announced stricter stay-at-home rules in these areas on Tuesday. These restrictions are to be followed in 32 areas that come under this enforcement until Aug 19. People are allowed to ensure out of their homes for essentials, medical supplies, etc. The study, exercise, and work are also included in this list if it can’t be done from home. The severe restrictions have been placed in response to the increase in the number of ‘community transmissions in these areas’.

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