Did Hulu just announced offline downloads for Android devices?

hulu launching free offline download freature on android devices image

Yes, you heard it right; Hulu announced that even Android users would be able to benefit from the offline download feature, which would allow the user to download videos from the streaming service and watch it later. Though it is a bit late for this feature to come in Android devices, Hulu is trying it best to give a competition to its upcoming rivals Apple TV+ and Disney+.

The Apple TV+ is just a few hours to make its debut and has already gained enough fame for the features that it is going to provide. Also, Disney+ is launching on November 12 and will be giving a hard time to the existing streaming services. In such difficult times, it is essential for Hulu to take some steps so that it doesn’t get kicked out of the competition. So, to maintain its position, Hulu introduced the offline download feature in iOS devices a month back and has come up with the same feature for the Android users.

There are certain things that you need to be aware of before having a Hulu subscription. The offline download feature is only available for the “No ads” subscription variant of the streaming service, which will cost around $11 per month. It means that if you are thinking of getting this feature by opting for the $5 per month subscription service, then you are wrong.

You would have to go for the costlier variant for availing the feature. Also, you can only download 25 videos at a time from five devices, according to sources. Apart from that, you have to start the playback within two days of downloading, even if the videos would remain for 30 days in the downloaded section. There is another thing to notice here, not all the titles or shows can be downloaded; only a few can be downloaded. If you want to know which shows can be downloaded, check it in the “Downloadable” tab, and you would have a list of shows to select for download.

Netflix and Amazon Prime have already bought this feature way back, and Hulu has taken a lot of time to make this feature available. Nevertheless, at least Hulu is still in the game and is in no mood of backing off. Not only that, but Hulu has also removed its app from certain Android TV models, hinting that it might be making its own TV models or cable services for the users.

However, Hulu has made a wise decision by bringing the offline download feature along with the “No ads” feature. This will benefit users in many ways. Instead of wasting time due to unwanted ads, you can watch a video free of any ads by just giving an extra $6 to Hulu. The deal is quite good and will attract many customers towards itself.

As the number of Android users is higher than iOS users, it was essential that Hulu should also provide the same benefits to Android users. Yes, the streaming service should have made it available to Android users first, but by making it available to the iOS users, Hulu has simultaneously performed the testing of the feature without paying a single penny for the testing phase.

The “offline download” feature is now available on Android devices too, and you can avail it by subscribing to the “no ads” subscription. Not only will you be able to view the videos without internet connection but would even be spared from viewing unwanted ads while watching the video. As for subscription fees, it is quite low as compared to subscription fees of other streaming services.

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