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Hulu streaming 4K Videos again; But only on Selected Devices

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Hulu is running a little behind the syllabus compared to all competitors (Netflix, Amazon Prime) in the market. To sustain in this competitive market, Hulu quietly started streaming 4K videos again but there too, it has brought confinement to its users.

Amazon prime is standing out in the area of streaming flawlessly and so is Netflix and other competitors. Amazon prime provides 4K Ultra HD content with HDR and charges no extra cost from its users. Netflix provides various options to choose from according to the packages which include streaming in SD resolution, in HD and also, 4K ultra HD. Whereas Hulu, it although has brought down its prices after Netflix increased its own, it still was not providing videos in 4k which was a major turn off for the enthusiasts.

Hulu removed the option of streaming the content in 4K in early 2018 while others are still progressing. Its comeback is not a cause of a celebration but it was done in a response of a dissatisfied user who tweeted.

“Man I just found out that @hulu doesn’t have any of their originals in Ultra 4K HD but @netflix does have over 800+ titles guess I know where the majority of my streaming is going ..gotta take advantage of my 4ktv and my XboxOneX.. but seriously Hulu get with the times lol” read the tweet to which Hulu tweeted back-  “We have good news! 4K streaming was just re-released today on select devices: https://hulu.tv/VidQuality-. You’ll be able to watch any of our Hulu Originals in 4K. We hope this helps!” 

Now let us talk about the conditions that are marked in bold asterisk. Users surely can stream content but only on Apple TV 5th generation or later and in Chromecast Ultra. So it means to watch 4K videos on Hulu, you need to have confined scope of gadgets too; 2 to be specific. Hulu says “select list of programming” is available, and that the list “continues to grow”. The library from which you can choose your video to watch in 4K is limited but includes all Hulu Originals like as The Handmaid’s Tale, Difficult People, Runaways, PEN15, and the upcoming Veronica Mars.

Talking about internet speed required and consumption, Hulu said that the minimum internet speed required to get the most out of 4K streaming would be 16 Mbps. Which when compared to 6Mbps for 1080p or 3Mbps for 720p is obvious.

Hulu has also launched a new live guide which gives a gist to the users about which TV shows are available to watch in the streaming service right then at the moment and what else is in their stock that is coming soon in two weeks. It works like a traditional TV guide where time and duration of the shows are enlisted which are available on Hulu+ Live TV. The Hulu package includes channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, and CNN which can also be accessed by the users. Although it is still lagging behind, some of Hulu’s features are exclusive and turns out, that is what keeps its users engaged in its place.

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