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Husqvarna Viking Designer Sewing and Embroidery Machine Part of New 2020 Collection

Husqvarna Viking Designer sewing and embroidery machine part of new 2020 collection

Sewing machines seem like something from the old world but are a very useful thing to use if one is a hobbyist. For all of such people, this news is one of the best brands, Husqvarna Viking, has added a new sewing machine to their already great collection. 

The new Husqvarna Viking Designer, sewing and embroidery machine, is good for a sewist, quilter, embroider, or anyone who wishes to learn or master the art. The addition to the 2020 collection offers plenty of choices and falls in love very easily. 

Any sewing machine owner looking into upgrading their existing machine or wishing to extend their hands into the field of embroidery must have this new efficient helping hand with them. An additional benefit is that the buyers can become a part of the mySewnet community by simply making the purchase.

The sewing machine’s versatility and flexibility is what makes it so efficient at the job it has been designed for. Industry-leading features with highly advanced technology have been incorporated in its making. The screen specifically added to the machine shows step by step tutorials for embroidery, so it’s a great piece for beginners or even experts as it can match up both levels. 

There are various other benefits that one can use to make the best out of the product. mySewnet application is already present in the machine, so whenever you are connected with wi-fi, automatic updates will be done. The same will also give you access to a plethora of embroidery designs as the library keeps updating at regular intervals. The three-month free subscription of the application comes with the purchase, which you can choose to extend. 

Other than the mySenet feature, there are plenty of other high-tech features like the JoyOS advisor’s presence. You can watch step-by-step tutorials, access workbooks, interactive sessions, and have an easy-access guide with you for the machine. It makes using and learning more about the machine extremely easy.

All the sewing machine’s video-based features are supported by its 8-inch screen on which you can drag, drop, pinch and swipe, etc. jut as you would do on your smartphone. The extremely user-friendly interface makes getting familiar with a sewing machine’s features very easy for the user. 

Whatever you wish to create with the sewing machine will be the best that can be created because it pushes high quality. An optimum amount of thread is fed into it so that every stitch that comes out is beautiful. Thread portioning is a key feature that makes the machine as efficient as it is. Coupled with the sensor system, it makes it possible for you to use any kind of fabric on it, as it adjusts automatically to the thickness. 

There are plenty of built-in designs that one could create using the machine and its sensor foot lift. All four positions are present, which one could use to create whatever they like with the fabric.

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