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i3+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Available Starting September 17th

i3+ robot vacuum cleaner available starting September 17th

Vacuuming is one of the most hectic jobs to do around the house and demands attention as much as anything else. Especially when you have kids or pets running inside your home, the concern is even more enhanced. In such a scenario, we must thank the technology that we have available today, including appliances like robot vacuum cleaners.

iRobot is a well-known brand in the industry for constantly developing cutting-edge technology and improving its available technology. They have always been able to develop innovative products. Starting September 17th, another very innovative robot vacuum will be available in the market, which is the Roomba i3+. 

The recently announced Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner has been designed to capture 99% of the pollen, mold, dust mites, and even cat hair that lie on the house floor. A very well thought of three-stage cleaning system has been incorporated in its design, facilitated by multi-surface rubber brushes and a sweeping edge brush. 

As per what iRobot has claimed, their new Roomba i3+ has ten times more power than the Roomba 600 vacuum that the brand already has. Although it is not just the powerful suction in the vacuum cleaner that is worth boasting, the cleaner has an automatic dirt disposal unit. The disposal unit here also acts as a docking station where the vacuum cleaner can recharge itself and empty its dust bin. 

The clean base is an optional part of the robot vacuum cleaner. Buyers can choose to buy just the Roomba i3+ vacuum for $399. Having the additional clean base is a good add on to have to make work easy for yourself.

Additional features like the iRobot Home app make using the robot vacuum cleaner extremely easy. If you have used any iRobot vacuum earlier, the app would already be familiar to you, but it has a fresh new design. iRobot Genius has been added to the mix now, which is designed to give users’ suggestions on cleaning and regular reminders. 

Your cleaning habits and routines can be added to the app to give you reminders accordingly. If you prefer, Google Assistant or Alexa can also be used in pairing with the robot vacuum cleaner. 

i3 will be the most affordable option out of the range of new robot vacuum cleaners launched by iRobot. The i7 and i7+ are the two other cleaners that will be available for purchase soon. All three of them can be purchased without a clean base. The only add on in the i7 series is the mapping feature, which the vacuum uses to develop a map of your house and then navigate accordingly while cleaning. 

If you are looking for a basic robot vacuum that works very well, then i3+ is the way to go, and if you wish to have the mapping feature too, i7 is at your disposal too.

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