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IBM and Red Hat Soon to Expand its Telco, AI and Edge Offerings

IBM and Red Hat Soon to Expand its Telco, AI and Edge Offerings

At the Think Digital Conference, leading companies like IBM and Red Hat had announced several new services that will all largely involve 5G edge and AI. It is common knowledge that both Edge and AI are currently two of the fastest growing business ventures, and hence it is not a surprise that both the companies have directed their focus towards it. In the present situation, almost every big telecom company has ventured into 5G and is looking forward to figuring out the best way to monetize it.

While talking to TechCrunch, IBM mentioned that they, along with Red Hat, hope to offer enterprises a very different and unique service as compared to the other existing ones. They also mentioned that unlike Hyper Clouds, IBM and Red Hat have no plans of locking enterprises into a cloud of homogeneousness.

Jim Whitehurst, who is the President of IBM, stated, “Where IBM is competitively differentiated, is around how we think about helping clients on a journey to what we call the hybrid cloud.”

It hasn’t been very long Jim Whitehurst has become the newly appointed President of IBM, and he has hardly done any interviews or released any statement.

He has been managing both IBM as well as Red Hat, and at the press conference, he mentioned, “Honestly, everybody has hybrid clouds. I wish we had a more differentiated term. One of the things that are different is how we’re talking about how you think about an application portfolio that, by necessity, you’re going to have in multiple ways. If you’re a large enterprise, you probably have a mainframe running a set of transactional workloads that probably are going to stay there for a long time because there’s not a great alternative.”

From his released statements, it has become quite clear that the President intends on bringing a change from their new venture and has been very open about it. He further stated, “And there’s going to be a set of applications you’re going to want to run in a distributed environment that need to access that data — all the way out to you running a factory floor and you want to make sure that the paint sprayer doesn’t have any defects while it’s painting a door.”

The President says that IBM is all about helping other enterprises in finding solutions and the best possible ways to run their workloads that include both the hardware and the software. According to Whitehurst, Public Clouds that are currently available may be phenomenal in their features and services, but they are treating all the enterprises as a homogenous cloud. He further mentions that the IBM Company is diligently trying to work around all these pieces and come up with something more essential and unique.

In his discussion , Jim Whitehurst also argued on the fact that the public cloud has been forcing all the enterprises to adjust and fit their requirements based on the services provided by the cloud.

He mentions, “The public clouds do extraordinary things, and they’re great partners of ours, but their primary business is creating these homogeneous services, at massive volumes, and saying ‘if your workloads fit into this, we can run it better, faster, cheaper, etc.”

On the other hand, IBM is also bringing out new services, such as automated business planning, forecasting, and budgeting. It is also going to launch a new tool that will help in the automation of call-center.

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