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iCloud Issues on Tuesday Took Down Some iOS Software and Apps

iCloud issues on Tuesday took down some iOS software and apps

Apple iCloud experienced major issues on Tuesday evening that almost became an outrage. Everything from account sign-in, mail, and web apps started having problems that were reported by users after 7 PM ET. These issues lined up on Downdetector.com after users had started to check in whether they were the only ones with these problems or others were having it as well. 

It turns out that the outage has spread across Apple iCloud, and Apple later acknowledged the problem on its website that it was a system issue that they were experiencing at the moment. Apple support and their Twitter account had the same message posted after that, reassuring users that the issues would be fixed very soon.

Errors that came to light on Tuesday evening included many apps vanishing from the horizon altogether. Users reported that the message ‘the application you have selected doesn’t exist’ was being displayed for many selections they had done. Similar error messages were seen by not one but many users. 

Screenshots posted by users about the verification failing could be seen flooding Twitter around the same time the issues came to the front. Apple’s status page was replying to most of them while reassuring that the problems with iCloud would be fixed soon. 

Users trying to download new apps or even trying to open some of the existing apps on their devices were unable to do so because of the iCloud outage. It is rare to have happened with Apple users, but it is quite often seen with apps like Instagram when they go down. 

Later in the day, it was also reported that other apple services like Apple Pay and the web-based app-specific password generator that Apple has also been experiencing issues at the same time. The company on their page did not acknowledge these two, but many users were reporting them still by the end of Tuesday. 

The issues were resolved by Apple by 8:30 PM ET, as they informed on their status page that the problems with iCloud had been resolved now. Many users are still going through a lot of other issues that were faced on other apps, and there have been constant replies on the Twitter account by no acknowledgement has come about completely resolving any of them. No update has come from Apple after this, while users are still struggling with some of the services.

Image source: TheVerge

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