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Idle Sleep Launches Mattresses, Program to Donate Beds to Healthcare Workers

Idle Sleep launches mattresses, program to donate beds to healthcare workers

Idle Sleep, the popular consumer bedding brand, has come up with its brand new mattresses for its customers. The soft beddings, gel foam mattresses were launched by Idle Sleep, which is the part of a parent company popularly known as the Idle Group. The program also features a donation campaign to honor the corona warriors.

The company has announced two of its newest mattresses and is offering a special scheme. The donation scheme is rightly titled as Buy One, Donate One program to give back the love to the toiling healthcare workers. This scheme is an attempt by the company to honor all those who have kept their countrymen’s safety before them.

Like there can be no greater act of selfless service, it is only fitting that common people are encouraged to make them feel special. After all, these frontline fighters deserve all the respect, admiration, love, and appreciation that we can summon together. As Idle Group decides to enhance its overall production base and focus entirely on new product development, there shall be newer bed products.

The company is very willing to expand its mattress portfolio while working towards donating for the greater cause. It is the same reason. The company gives an option to its buyers to select the buy one, donate one option. For a slightly increased price, the customer avails two mattresses, one of which goes towards the donation, as a combined contribution from both the company and that customer.

The mattresses that can be chosen under this scheme are those that are of equal value or priced lesser. The Buy One, Donate One program is reached to the concerned pool of customers through the flashing offer code, “HONORAHERO”. Buyers can easily use this code while they are checking out towards the end of May.

The two new mattresses come in varying sizes. While the first one has been given the size of a good 12 inch Idle, we have the other one at a slightly greater mark with 14-inch Idle Plush. Both of these mattresses are going to be the first-ever gel foam mattresses. These beddings have long been in research by the company who has always been looking towards developing such a product for the past one year.

The first mattress that comes with the 12 inch Idle is the latest and pretty affordable gel foam mattress, which has cool features like a Cooling Buoyancy Foam. On top of that, the mattress is made up of five layers of contoured backing that quickly returns to the previous form whenever you move. This support of multiple layers ensures that there is no sinkhole while you shift.

The next one, just in line, is the company’s 14-inch Idle Plush. This one is slightly bulkier than the previous one and gets to be the latest luxury gel foam mattress. This piece of bedding is armed with an extra layer of Cooling Buoyancy Foam, giving it an edge over the 12 inch one. It means that we have not 5, but a total of 6 layers, making it a six-layer mattress.

The 14-inch Idle Plush is truly luxurious with a six-layered approach, which marks its decided firmness at 4.5 to 6.0 on the firmness scale. Such numbers speak for themselves. There is no doubt that this second bedding from the brand is almost the perfect mattress for people who like not just a cozy and soft feel but also want minimum motion transfer.

The best part is that the company is letting you try both the products for 18 months, making it one of the longest trial periods in the history of mattresses! Certainly, this longest trial period is marked with free and easy returns.

These days it is good to see so many mattress companies directly being a part of the whole idea of donation. Earlier, it was the New Jersey-based company, Boll & Branch, that made news having donated some 1000 mattresses to the local communities and hospitals who needed these beddings on an urgent basis. 5000 pillows had also been given away to help fight the battle against the Coronavirus.

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