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iFixit Conducts a Teardown of M1 Macbooks Does Not Find Any Major Update

iFixit conducts a teardown of M1 Macbooks; does not find any major update

With the latest Macs coming in with Apple Silicon, one may wonder that these Macs may be a lot different from those coming earlier. Well, iFixit decided to explore through the recently launched MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and apparently, did not observe any major difference. 

According to iFixit, the MacBook Pro measuring about 13-inches in length, has not changed much from its earlier version that came in with an Intel processor. Rather, to put it in simple terms, the MacBook Pro is very much like its antecedent. Coming to the latest MacBook Air version, a very noticeable change is that this one comes without a fan, whereas the MacBook Pro comes with a fan that is very much similar to the one found within its Intel-charged counterpart, that arrived in 2020. 

If there is any noise variation between both of these, then the credit for the same goes to the hardware used within M1. That does not require a lot of cooling, even when it operates under a heavy load. And although the MacBook Air is fanless, the performance of the M1 chip here is amazing. That is the beauty of M1.

What comes along with M1?

As iFixit notes, the SOC memory hardware within the M1 chip contains two SK Hynix LPDDR4X chips, referred to as memory chips, whose size is 8GB combined. That means each chip is 4GB. These look like tiny silicon rectangles that lie beside the M1 chip. These are integrated and built-in within the chip. Apple refers to this complete setup as Unified Memory Architecture. A similar internal design was discovered during the iPad teardown process as well.

However, a very noticeable change within the M1 is the absence of Apple’s T2 security chip. During the last many years, the trend observed is that Apple has been taking many security and encryption features from Intel’s processors and transferring them to its self-customized T2 chip. With M1, this has been replaced with the Secure Enclave technology, present within the CPU of Apple’s latest computer. All of the features present within the T2 chip are now integrated within the Secure Enclave, which is housed inside the M1. The Secure Enclave exhibits similar features found within the recently launched chips falling within the A-series lineup.

Apple has gone on to manufacture many laptops now, and undoubtedly, it is having immense experience in this area. The internal design of the M1 at present is not very complex and easy to understand. At the same time, these are quite authentic. With Apple relying on these laptops for its internal structure, the device’s quality level would be undoubtedly high. 

Although the M1 MacBooks are made such that they may not need to undergo any major updates or repairs, if at all, any unforeseen issue crops up, then the damage would have to be corrected within the Apple network only. Well, now that might not be a very easy thing to do. In short, these MacBooks boast of very high performance. However, as stated above, repairing any damages could be a little tedious.

The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air arrive with Apple CPUs within them to be customized. It remains to be seen if any further changes arrive with time.

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