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Indian App that Helps Remove Chinese Apps Taken Down

Indian app that helps remove Chinese apps taken down

An Indian developed app was launched on play store some time back, which helped remove Chinese apps, and the name of the app was itself ‘Remove Chinese apps.’ The app promised its users to find and remove Chinese apps from their smartphones, but it has been recently removed from the Play store due to various reasons that don’t comply with the policy.

Play Store has a ‘Deceptive Behavior policy,’ which doesn’t allow apps or software to encourage users into deleting third-party apps. The India app violated this policy of the Play store, which led to it being completely deleted from the platform. 

The app had surfaced when anti-Chinese sentiments were prevalent in India, given the dispute on the Himalayan border. The adverse situation has led to Indian celebrities and their fans encouraging people to delete Chinese developed apps like Tik-Tok. This move also has the backing of some representatives from the ruling party in India, BJP. 

The situation at hand had made the app ‘Remove Chinese apps’ popular among users, especially in India, before its ejection from the Play store. Soon enough, after its launch, it had become the country’s top free app, along with more than five million downloads by late May. It has been almost surprising to see an application gain so much popularity in much less time. 

The application’s work was also quite simple, which is one of the reasons users loved it. Upon installation, it would scan your phone and look for applications that could have a Chinese origin. Users deleted many applications like Tik Tok by Bytedance and UC Browser after installing the new app. 

Remove Chinese apps gave the users option after scanning, whether they would wish to keep it or remove it. If no Chinese app was found on a phone, an appreciative pop-up message that ‘you are awesome, no china app found’ would pop up on the screen. 

The tension on the Indo-Chinese border has led users to direct their attention towards applications like Tik Tok. New applications like ‘Remove Chinese apps’ are only fuel to the fire. An Indian version of the app Tik Tok has already been developed under the name of Mitron, given how Tik Tok has already lost its once glorious ratings in the country. However, this new app Mitron has also been removed from the play store for violating one of the policies. 

The developer of the app ‘Remove Chinese apps’ that is One Touch App Labs has confirmed the removal on their website while claiming that the app was meant for educational purposes. It is also said that the policy under which it was removed wasn’t violated under any circumstance, but users have confirmed the uninstallation. 

More such apps can be expected to surface in the future, but it is on platforms like Play store to filter them before they cause chaos.

Image source: Techcrunch

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