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Inrupt, a Tim Berners-Lee Startup, Launches an Enterprise-Friendly Solid Privacy Platform

Inrupt, a Tim Berners-Lee startup, launches an enterprise-friendly Solid privacy platform

Tim Berners-Lee, the well-known computer scientist who got a lot of credit for inventing the World Wide Web, went on to launch a commercial startup organization called Inrupt. According to the latest piece of information, Inrupt has brought forth a new version of the Solid privacy platform exclusively for the enterprise.

For those who are unaware, Solid or Social Linked Data is a platform that permits large-scale businesses and administrations to manufacture applications that help users to access and monitor their data. 

Berners-Lee has always wished that the web should not incur any costs for anyone and remains an open-source platform for all. However, for the past two decades, large-scale companies have seen tremendous growth, thanks to the web-data that these organizations have utilized. Keeping this in mind, Berners-Lee launched the Solid project at MIT so that people could handle their data on their own. The Solid project is a completely open-source platform.

In 2017, Berners-Lee brought forth Inrupt as a startup company that stood above the Solid project. John Bruce stepped in as the CEO of the organization, with the challenge of taking this company to great heights. Both Berners-Lee and Bruce wished for the same thing – people should be permitted to access their data. Secondly, this process of transferring the data ownership should not be getting in between the course of website development.

Websites within the Solid platform are developed using standard guidelines and methodologies required for setting up any site. Additionally, no browser would support these websites. 

Bruce went on to state, “Fast forward to today, and we’re releasing the first significant technology as the fruits of our labour, which is an enterprise version of Solid to be deployed at scale by large organizations.”

The main motive behind launching the Solid privacy platform exclusively for the enterprise version is that users can directly check their data online. Certain storage units known as Personal Online Data Stores, also abbreviated as Pods, are available online. The Solid Server is present within the enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform. This Solid Server can handle the Pods. That also enables the developers to develop applications with the aid of SDK so that the Pods are utilized to their maximum advantage. Simultaneously, developers can also get a hold over data that would be handy during tasks like tax payments or communicating with any healthcare associate. 

Bruce also claims that the Solid privacy platform’s enterprise-friendly version supports all forms of open source projects. 

The enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform results from the collaboration of Inrupt and the BBC, National Health Service based out of the UK, and the Government of Flanders in Belgium. All three firms have been actively involved in bringing the enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform onboard the market. 

To give the user awareness of what roles these organizations play in this complete setup, the National Health Service has set up an application that enables their patients to establish communications. The Solid platform allows users to have a hold over their health-related information. The organization states that “Patients will be able to permit doctors, family or at-home caregivers to read certain data from their Solid Pods, and add caretaking notes or observations that doctors can then read in order to improve patient care.”

A stark difference between this application and web or phone-based applications is that it is totally up to the user to allow the data access rights to the application owner. 

From the time it launched, the startup has managed to collect about $20 million. Both Bruce and Berner-Lee have stated that the Solid platform’s enterprise-version has been built, keeping all the required standards in mind. Moreover, the platform has been made to be extremely simple to handle and use. Although Solid’s open-source platform is accessible for all, it is the enterprise version that provides the required safety and scale-up desired by big-sized companies.

Image source: Techcrunch

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