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Instagram is Testing Out the Reels Feature in India after the ban of TikTok

Instagram is testing out the Reels feature in India after the ban of TikTok

India has recently banned the use of 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok. The TikTok app had a huge user base from people in the cities to people in rural areas, as well as using it rigorously throughout the day. Now that the app is gone and there is space for something new to fill its place and supply to the huge user demand, Facebook has stepped in with Instagram’s Reels feature. It is just a video editing tool that allows the user to capture and edit a 15-second video. This reel can be posted to their story, sent to anyone as a direct message, or be uploaded to Instagram’s top reels of the day section in the explore tab.

The news of the Reels features shortly emerged after the government imposed a ban on TikTok and 58 other apps. Although the feature has only reached a select few people right now, Facebook said it intends to broaden the audience base very soon by releasing the feature more widely. Business Insider has reported that Facebook is currently testing out the reels feature in India.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business insider that they might be working on releasing the app into a lot of international demographics and not just India. Although India does have a high number in terms of users and thus has a huge market for the app, the spokesperson added that reels are a more fun way to be creative and expressive, plus it will also aid as an entertainment tool for those who are home and bored in this lockdown. He further said, ” We’re excited to bring this new version to more of our global community. No further plans to share on launch date or countries for now.”

As compared to other features and updates brought by Facebook or Instagram, Reels has had a relatively slow rollout. It was first introduced as an update in Brazil in both iOS and Android devices, some time around last year. Techcrunch reported just last month that the feature had been put to implementation in France and Germany. Very recently, Facebook announced the shut down of its app Lasso which was quite similar to TikTok in a lot of senses. Customers across the world speculate that this decision may have come as a stepping stone towards the release of reels, which has more chances of being a lot more successful. 

Facebook is known to introduce similar if not the same features into its platforms to compete with its rival applications or platforms. In 2016, news sources said that the Instagram stories feature copied the Snapchat stories feature very well. There is also some recording available where Mark Zuckerberg has agreed that TikTok is indeed a very booming platform and that Facebook might soon bring out features to compete with its Chinese rival.

Image source: Techcrunch

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