Instagram puts a full stop to its Standalone Direct Messaging App

It is known that Instagram has been experimenting with Direct, a standalone camera- first messaging app since 2017. Recently, it was announced by Facebook that Direct is going to be shut down and that all the users who were using the app would still be able to chat effortlessly on Instagram. Though it has not been clearly said why the app is being shut down, it is more likely to happen next month according to the message by social media consultant Matt Navarra in the Google Play page.

The standalone messaging app experimented with the purpose of being able to copy the core functionality of Snapchat. The app had all the similar kind of filters that Snapchat has. The app had a camera-first focus and even allowed its users to share the photos, videos, and boomerangs as messages with their friends. The app was first launched in Chile, Israel, Italy, Turkey, and Uruguay; though it was not globally released as it was an experimental app.

Direct even had a web version for desktop and had other features such as Giphy GIFs. The app could not gain many fans which might be a reason as to why it is being shut down. Another reason can be that it might not be as efficient as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, which are simple to use and have gained lots of followers. On the other hand, Direct had some flaws and was moreover an experimental app made to takeover Snapchat.

Though it has been said that Instagram is soon going to add the features that Direct had and would even introduce more features so as to improve the experience of the users; as reported by TechCrunch. It was being though that Direct would be able to remove the feature of direct messaging from Instagram while launching the app. In simple words, Direct would work the same manner as Facebook Messenger did, but we can see the feature of “direct messaging” is still available on Instagram.

The app would have removed the feature of direct messaging if Direct had been a success and would have gained popularity worldwide, but it failed to do so and as a result, we have to still wait for Instagram to have its own chatting app instead of direct messaging as it would create less chaos.

Meanwhile, it is being heard that Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook is going to merge its messaging system in the future. If that happens then it would be a lot easier for the users to avail the facility. Instead of downloading several apps for connecting with people and chatting with them, one can just install a single app and connect with their loved ones. For now, we can only say R.I.P Direct.

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