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Instagram Launches Brand New Features as an Anniversary Cheers!

Instagram Launches Brand New Features as an Anniversary Cheers

As Instagram’s decennial celebrations, the app decided to launch new features. As per sources the new features include a Stories map, change of the icon with the given latest designed icons, hiding the abusive comments, and also released data about new trends already announced IGTV shopping update. These new features are available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Stories Map:

Stories on Instagram are just like the virtual compilation of our great times or some tricky drunken moments. But either way, everyone is likely to share a part of their life here. The new feature on Instagram shows your features as a calendar or a private map to cherish your souvenir. It is not the first time Instagram updated the stories feature. Before, instagram allowed you to store your favorite stories as highlights divide under the customized categories. This feature is a more updated, fun, and organized way to access the previous stories.

Change of Icon:

The hashtag maker Chris Messina already tweeted these icons as custom icon themes. The icon designs include orange, yellow, green, purple, black, white colors. There is a rainbow-colored icon and the old nostalgia camera icon and classy black icon along with those colors. People are very excited about changing their Instagram icons as per their vibes.

Hidden Comments:

As an initiative to National Bullying Prevention Month, Instagram announced a feature to hide abusive comments. This feature is almost the same as the twitter hide replies feature. Recently there are so many hate comments going on social media, resulting in some severe violations. To prevent these, Instagram introduced the hidden comments feature. But if you want to view those comments, you can select the view hidden comments. It also introduced a nudge warning system by generating a warning “if your comment is against the community your account may be deleted, If you post this comment anyway your comment will be hidden.”

IGTV Shopping:

There are previously discussed features that now came into light on this decennial occasion of Instagram. You can find your favorite products from your treasured creators as per your own choice. It is also testing to include commercials on the longest videos on IGTV and share the ad revenue with the users.

People are so excited about these features and are very impressed after this update. But there are so many comments saying that there are issues on disabled accounts for so many users, and they are still unresolved. So, this Facebook under the company is better to resolve those issues and improve the algorithms to satisfy all the app users.

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