Instagram’s new Stories Sticker lets the user invite friends for group chat

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The all-new feature of Instagram allows the user to use stickers in stories to invite the followers for joining a group chat and even gives the power of who should be added in the group chat. This new feature is called “chat sticker” and would appear along with other stickers of Instagram such as polls, ask a question, location, memories, and others.

The chat sticker would allow the user to make a group chat for having important discussions, to make plans or to generally know each other. The chat sticker, when placed on the story, would give access to the followers to join the chat. The admin can be in charge of whom to add and would even have the power to end the chat at any time.

The promo video for the new feature shows exactly how the feature would work. By using the “close friends feature” of Instagram, one can even limit as to who would be able to view the story. The feature won’t directly give the viewer the chance to join the group, rather the viewer can send a request through the story to the person if he/she wants to join the group. This gives the user the power to control as to who should be allowed in the group.

Apart from this new feature, which would appear in the forthcoming update of the app, Instagram is even improving its direct messaging feature so as to compete with rival app Snapchat. The idea of a separate messaging app, called “Direct”, was proposed earlier this year, which was even released in some of the countries for experimental purpose, but unfortunately, it could not gain the required fame and even had certain flaws due to which the idea was brought down and the app was closed. Though the facilities available in the “Direct” can be seen in the Instagram messaging app in its new update.

For now, Instagram is adding this new feature of chat story and is improving on its messaging feature. The “Direct” app had all the features that Snapchat had but due to its “not so famous” fame, it was shut down. The new chat feature is something new and has not been seen in any other app. This is going to increase the fame of Instagram and might even give Snapchat a bit of a challenge. Overall the new Instagram update would definitely consist of the chat sticker feature and some further improvement on the direct message feature which would consist of some glimpse and feature of “Direct” and maybe some other knickknacks.

Another news which is going on is that maybe Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp would have one single app for chatting purposes and rest others for just viewing stories, posts and connecting with friends. Whether the news is true or not that would be seen in the future but if it happens then the direct texting feature from Instagram would surely be removed. Facebook had already removed its direct messaging feature and has made “Messenger” as its chatting app through which the users can chat effortlessly. If the single app comes into the field, then it would be beneficial as the users won’t have to switch apps for chatting with different persons.

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    Instagram’s newest Stories sticker lets people ask their followers to join a new group chat and then gives the poster the power to select who can join. The new feature, called the chat sticker, joins a bunch of other stickers Instagram has introduced to Stories, including polls, question boxes, mentions, locations, hashtags, and countdowns, among others. The chat sticker is relatively straightforward, and Instagram is positioning it as a solution for people who want to have a big group conversation about something or for making plans.

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