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Instagram rolls out ‘Caption-Warning’ feature against Cyberbullying

Instagram launches caption-warning feature

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment has been a major concern all over the Internet these days. Social media and online platforms have turned out to be an integral part of our lives, and so does the intrusion of random strangers in our social accounts. The thing has attracted gravity when the intrusion is not a positive thing; rather is the source of many negativity.

The social media platforms are trying their best to make their platforms a safer place for their users and make it a healthy space of interaction. Hence, recently, Facebook-owned Instagram has rolled out a very new feature that takes a step ahead against cyberbullying.

This new introduction is termed as ‘Caption Warning’. Instagram has been proving itself as one of the social platforms that is rendering much power to its users to restrict bullies from their handles.

And now as a gesture in expanding these anti-bully efforts, it has rolled out the “Caption-warning” feature, which is a tool, that would notify you with a flagged message saying, “this caption looks similar to the other ones that have been reported”. This would leave the choice at your discretion whether you would like to continue sharing the caption or revise it.

A few months ago, the company had introduced the Restrict feature worldwide, which gave the user’s a lot of power through the new feature. This feature helped the users restrict bullying activities and prevented strangers from bullying through offensive posts or abusive comments.

When in October, Instagram introduced “Restrict,” it rolled out some sub-features which were of huge importance to the users.

  • The user can restrict his/her bully who has posted offensive or abusive content by:
    • Left swiping on the comment
    • Using the privacy tab from Settings
    • Directly from the target account, you wish to restrict.
  • Comments of the restricted account will only be visible to the user who has imposed the restriction.
  • Once you get a comment from the restricted account, you have the power with you to:
    • Approve the comment
    • Delete the comment
    • Ignore the same.
  • Direct messages from a restricted user shall be directly sent to the message request, and you shall not receive any notifications regarding it.

Instagram is repeatedly implementing measures that ensure the users that the company is making efforts to make the platform a safe and healthy experience. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence to detect the cyberbullying activities and also the account that promotes the same.

In this context, the head of the company, Adam Mosseri, says, the responsibility of rendering the platform as a safe and healthy medium of communication lies with them, and they are trying to make Instagram a safe environment for all categories of users.

They have also imposed a restriction on handles below 18 years of age from Instagram handles of influencers who promote cosmetic surgery and also promote several weight loss products. Instagram is a platform with 1 billion monthly active users and out of which 500 million users use this platform daily. It is highly essential to make the platform user-friendly as well as a safe space for all its users.

Image Source: NDTV

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